Building confidence with taekwondo in Sarajevo

The humanitarian organization Ruku na srce is gathering thousands of students from the University of Sarajevo to help and to bring joy to disadvantaged children and families through different projects. One of these projects is to let children practice Taekwondo, which helps to strengthen their self-esteem. System Verification is supporting this initiative.

The name Ruku na srce means “hand on the heart” and is a clear signal to everyone in the society to take a good look at oneself – what can you do to help? According to Ruku na srce, everyone can do something.

The organization was founded in 2012 by a group of enthusiastic students from University of Sarajevo. Today, the organization is gathering thousands of students from several universities to help at their center as well as in different projects. They are collecting clothes, distributing school supplies and gifts and making food packages for families, among many other things. The organization is also running larger projects, such as developing school libraries and supporting children who cannot afford leisure activities. One of these projects is run in cooperation with the Taekwondo club Korea; a project which System Verification is supporting during 2018.

“We are very pleased to start a collaboration with Ruku na srce, which is doing a great job to help neglected children and families in a country that still do not have the social security networks that we have in Sweden. Many people live under harsh conditions, which at the same time means that we can make a big difference with relatively simple means,” says Charlotte Stridh, Marketing Manager at System Verification.

The background of the initiative is that leisure activities are very expensive in Bosnia and therefor only available to wealthy families. The project with the Taekwondo club means that System Verification will support the club financially, so that they can buy training equipment and ensure that children from disadvantaged families can train, compete and receive ranking belts. Around fifteen children are participating in the project and System Verification’s employees will be joining their trainings and competitions.

“The support means a lot for the children, who need both self-esteem and physical activity. We notice that the training helps them to believe in themselves and this has a positive effect on school work, among other things,” says Elma Adanalic, leader of the organization.

System Verification’s office in Sarajevo was established in 2013. The office has currently just above twenty employees, aiming to increase to 30 employees during 2018. The company has previously carried out a cooperation project in Kozarac, where a school was provided with computers. Ruku na srce is their first cooperation with an organization in Bosnia.

System Verification sponsor Rucu Na Srce Taekwondo

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