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Customer Satisfaction Index

93% satisfied customers

Once again, competence, flexibility and clarity are the top scorers in our yearly customer satisfaction survey. Many also show interest in our new service Software Intelligence. A total of 93 percent is satisfied with us as Quality Assurance specialists. We are very proud of this result.

”Gaining our customers’ trust is everything, so this result is very gratifying. What the survey also shows is that companies are looking for more strategic relationships, which is a trend we have predicted and prepared for. Only resource thinking is no longer enough. We all need to find partners, to benefit from modern technologies as soon as possible. We hope to deepen our relationships during 2019, but also to show more companies what we can do for them”, says Erik Björhäll, CEO at System Verification Sweden.

The survey also included questions about our Quality Monitoring services: Software Intelligence, Vulnerability Check and Performance Check. The customers get stand-alone investigations of the software, but above all, they get actionable insights, that help them to prioritize their efforts.

“Monitoring services are increasing, especially in combination with AI and machine learning. The development process can be much faster and the risk for bad investments can be eliminated. We will continue to develop these kinds of services,” says Erik Björhäll.

System Verification’s customers satisfaction survey is conducted once a year. Since the start in 2009, the result has exceeded 90% satisfied customers. As a thank you to all customers who participated in the survey, System Verification made a donation to the OceanCleanUp project.

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Erik Björhäll CEO System Verification Sweden

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