System Verification


Digital strategy

Time to get a new haircut?

Timing is the key to success in most cases. You should not be too early, and even worse, too late. This is a tricky challenge but if you manage to get things right in time, then you will be successful. This is also very true regarding your digital transformation journey.


How to make offshoring work – for you and for real

All too many companies have been dismayed by poor returns on their offshoring investments and have abandoned their efforts to find a beneficial offshoring solution. More the pity – because by asking the right questions from the start and gathering crucial knowledge, offshoring can be very profitable indeed.

Reference cases

Consafe Logistics
“We’ve gone from strength to strength thanks to System Verification.”

Stefan Borg
Chief Product Officer, Consafe Logistics

Alfa Laval
“Now, the teams working with development deliveries can focus more on new functionality than on fixing bugs. Price performance has increased.”

Carol Rogers,
Manager Competence Center Test, Alfa Laval

“We went live – on time, on budget and with only a handful of known issues. To us, that’s the definition of world class.”

Dag Widell
CIO, Granngården