System Verification


Internship System Verification Sarajevo

From intern to employee

An eventful and exciting summer has come to an end for the four interns who attended our internship in July earlier this year. What have they been up to, what have they enjoyed the most and what happens next? Let’s have a chat with Dalila and Emina!  

System Gathering

Learning from the best

We firmly believe that knowledge sharing is outstanding to keep empowered, learn from mistakes and get inspired to new ideas. That is why we have created the concept System Gathering, where our employees can meet and learn from the best.

Reference cases

Bona AB
“System Verification is an ideal choice for us because they are pragmatic and understand the big picture.”
Tomas Malmqvist, CIO at Bona.

Tomas Malmqvist, CIO Bona AB

“We went live – on time, on budget and with only a handful of known issues. To us, that’s the definition of world class.”

Dag Widell
CIO, Granngården

“We are extremely quality-conscious, and System Verification’s hallmark is quality assurance.”

Gert Lauritzen
HR and Project Manager, Stratiteq