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Now, and in the future, AI will keep playing an increasingly critical role in software quality assurance (QA). It will continue to automate testing processes, generate smarter test cases, and predict defects before they occur. AI will enhance code reviews, provide real-time monitoring and anomaly detection, and improve non-functional testing, including security and performance. Additionally, AI will be integrated into requirement analysis and data validation, optimizing the overall development process. Collaborative efforts between AI systems and human QA experts will remain essential for ensuring software quality. The adoption of these AI-driven QA advancements will depend on technological progress, industry demands, and regulatory considerations.

We have skilled experts working in assignments and delivering services based on AI technology within Generative AI, Predictive AI and Measuring code quality and health no matter if it is AI generated code or not.

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“The power of AI comes with a great responsibility for quality. We need to rigorously test AI systems to ensure they not only work but work safely and reliably.”
– QA Engineer at an AI Research Lab

Software Intelligence Health Check
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Health Check

We use tools based on AI that provides our experts – and you! – with deep and detailed insights of your system, your teams, and your code status. Our experts will be able to take a sneak peek into the future and predict coming problem areas, as well as reviewing current trends. This is an approach based on risk assessment and our experts will pinpoint problems and present actionable insights of where you should focus your efforts.


Quality Monitoring

Combining the power of AI with human expertise, Quality Monitoring is a unifying concept for a number of different software monitoring services. This is the best and most cost-efficient way to keep track of the progress of your software. Real-time dashboards continuously give you relevant information about the health status of the software and our quality experts will guide you in how to prioritize your efforts and reduce management costs.

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Technical Due Diligence - TDD

A Technical Due Diligence is a way to avoid surprises, mitigate risks and gain full insights before you invest. Our service is semi-automated, cost-efficient, unbiased, and quick. The whole process takes about ten working days and the findings are visualized in an easy-to-understand report – and you can be more confident that your investment meets your expectations.


Improving Delivery Flow - IDF

This service aims to dissect your entire delivery flow using quality as the leading star. Realising our vision of “Improving digital life” includes the staff, we identify human and technical bottlenecks together. Leveraging our guidance and your commitment, we strive for a transparent way of working, enabling you to achieve the results you desire.



Using SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft, ServiceNow or similar? Low code and testing with AI could be a great solution in streamlining the processes regarding testing.

Improve testing for your digital business by giving everyone on your team the ability to ensure quality. This option is very well suited for the business side of your organization, and it enables non-technical professionals to work with test in a high quality way.

AI_Artificial Intelligence_System Verification
Seizing the opportunities


Engaging System Verification for AI quality assurance is not just an option; it’s a strategic imperative. Here’s why:

  1. AI Expertise: We are at the forefront of AI quality assurance, with a team of experts who understand the nuances of AI-driven systems.
  2. AI-Specific QA: Our tailored QA processes are designed to address the unique challenges AI presents. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.
  3. Code Health Assessment: We have a proven track record in assessing the health of AI-generated code, ensuring reliability and stability.
  4. Data Integrity: Our data quality assurance services verify that your training data is robust, reducing risks associated with biased or inaccurate data.
  5. Compliance Assurance: We understand the ethical and regulatory aspects of AI, helping you stay compliant and ethical in your AI endeavors.
  6. Cost Savings: Investing in quality assurance from the outset can save you from costly fixes, legal disputes, and reputation damage down the line.

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