Industry 4.0

Smart - sustainable - scalable

The industrial revolution generated completely new conditions for manufacturing companies. Now it is time for another major step forward. Industry 4.0 involves radical change. It’s about integrated use of automated systems, processes and tools to deliver new products more efficiently. What does this revolution mean in terms of requirements on your organization, technologies and IT environment? Our services in industry 4.0 focus on innovative application of new technologies such as Big Data and IoT, software testing throughout the entire production process, and industrial security.

As industries enter the digital era with intelligent systems and platforms, their organizations must have control over both integration and security. Doing so means that the future will offer optimized processes, shorter lead times and reduced costs.


We help you to:

  • Discover new, innovative opportunities for your industry
  • Carry out change and improvement project
  • Analyse your quality process
  • Optimize the quality process
  • Perform industrial security testing
Industry 4.0 Code System Verification
Minimize risks


We can help you develop a security strategy and provide all types of security testing. Together we can identify potential threats and minimize risks.

Industry 4.0 Code System Verification
Secure connections


IoT is a vital component in digital manufacturing. Control and integration are some of the areas requiring extra attention. Let us help you to take control of information.

Industry 4.0 Code System Verification
Data flows

Data validation

We understand how to make smarter and more effective use of the information. Let us help you with innovative solutions to transform data into business.

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