Big Data & Validation

Make better decisions

As the basis for strategic decisions, data is the driving force for any successful digital endeavour. Today the challenges are the volumes, variation and speed at which data is produced – from smartphones and tablets, but also through social media and digital sensors. It gives endless possibilities to better understand your own operations, clients and environment, but it also raises questions with respect to innovation, validation and security.

Be smart in your use of data

We can help you make data in your operations visible, so you can take an innovative approach: how can you make the best use of this data? We can also help you determine the types of data you need to identify, based on your business goals. We are specialists in quality assurance, so our consultants have a unique capacity for studying our clients’ data flows. We understand how to make smarter and more effective use of the information.

The power of big data is tremendous. It helps our clients see both problems and opportunities, and offers a reliable basis for making decisions. They can act according to facts instead of guesswork.

We help you with:

  • Innovative solutions to transform data into business
  • Mapping of existing data flows
  • Information models
  • Validation of data
  • Security testing

Protect sensitive data

Is the security of your IT systems and applications sufficient to meet regulatory requirements? Do your models for access and rights work as intended? As personal and other sensitive data is exchanged among companies, clients and partners, it’s essential to have a security strategy in place.

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Quality Assurance

Can you trust your data?

A structured approach to software testing is the only way to assure high quality data. The quality process must be taken seriously from day one. Let us help you introduce a structured way of working with quality; from drawing broad to go live.

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