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We help our clients improve their business by combining curiosity, resourcefulness and our long experience in quality assurance.

Ework Group
“We greatly value that an external partner like System Verification challenges and quality assures our internal development organisation.”
Software Ework DevOps Henrik Sällman

Jesper Vraa Hendriksen, CDO Ework Group

Software Due Diligence Expert Sales Engineer Marcus Lundström
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The expert that provides eye-openers

Software Due Diligence and Health Checks are two services that provide unique insights into code status and quality. While based on automatisation and state-of-the-art technology, these services also need a human touch. Preferably from an expert. That’s where Marcus Lundström comes in.

Sarajevo System Verification Quality Assurance

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We can sing our own praises. But we’ve always felt that what matters most, that is what our clients think. Their testimonials are quality stamps on the work we do. Here’s a collection of reference cases.

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Software Intelligence Health Check

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From Bank & Finance and Security to Health Care and Biometrics – the digital solutions we offer can be used to improve business in, basically, any industry. So take a closer look at our offers and how we work.


New digital frontiers

We’re always on the lookout for new technology trends. Above all, we want to understand how they can improve our services. Today, we are market leaders when it comes to utilizing AI, ML and Cloud technologies for Quality Assurance.


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