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Programming for Testers

This course provides basic training in programming. Participants learn the principles and techniques for a modern programming language.

Level Basic
Price 16 450 kr excl. VAT
Duration 2 days
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Programming for Testers is a two-day course for those wishing to obtain general, basic understanding of programming concepts. The course focuses on object-oriented programming, and is designed to provide participants with basic building blocks used in all programming. This knowledge will allow participants to read and understand many different programming languages.

Upon completing the course, you should be able to:

  • Read and understand code
  • Follow code flows
  • Troubleshoot code
  • Write code

Who should attend?

Programming for Testers is designed for those working with test and quality assurance, but who wish to know more about programming basics.

Level and prerequisites

A few years experience from software testing.

Course structure

The purpose of the course is to train and increase programming skills, so the course mainly comprises practical exercises. Microsoft® C# .NET® is the programming language used in the course.

Tailored, in-house training

We can also offer our Programming for Testers course in-house in your company. For prices and more information, please contact Emil Sigvant on telephone +46 73 661 28 84 or by email.

Course contents

The basics

  • What is a program?
  • How is a program built?
  • Comparisons with real-life scenarios

Object-oriented programming

  • Object-oriented thinking
  • What are the building blocks?
  • Code examples

Languages and tools

  • Selecting a programming language
  • Tools for programming

Practical application

  • Test
  • Putting yourself in the developer’s shoes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Debugging
  • Interesting exercises