The Ecosystem

Reach your full potential with our Ecosystem

We are a part of an ecosystem of companies in multiple locations in order to deliver high performance teams for each specific customer. Our customer’s business goals and needs serve as our guidance to shape the perfect team. Each company in the ecosystem operates at the forefront of their competence field. As a customer, you get the best players on the market, tailored teams, cost-efficiency and high flexibility. 


Reeinvent is a software company that bridges the past with the future. By combining existing knowledge with new disruptive technologies such as AI and new business models, we help our clients transform their digital business.

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CodeScene is a multi-purpose tool bridging code, business and people. See hidden risks and social patterns in your code. Prioritize and reduce technical debt.

Predictable and actionable, it allows engineering and business teams to make smarter decisions together that increase your business value, today. Welcome to the evolution of your code.

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