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“We’ve gone from strength to strength”

With a rapidly growing, global customer base came the realization that Consafe Logistics needed a controlled and scalable quality process for its IT solutions. Enhanced processes, clearer KPIs and test automation were ingredients in a successful recipe that Consafe Logistics now plans to implement in all its business area.

Consafe Logistics develops and implements IT solutions for production, inventory management, transport, delivery and retail for customers around the world. The company’s rapidly increasing business meant that the company needed ways to increase development process efficiency and prevent bottlenecks. Consafe Logistics contacted System Verification to find the solutions. The goal: a controlled, scalable process which would contribute to increased delivery capacity and reliability, while assuring quality levels over time in customer solutions. Consafe Logistics wanted to use this same concept in all its business areas.

ISQ analysis the first step

The first step was to carry out an ISQ analysis, an evaluation covering all aspects that can affect quality. In this analysis, the focus was on inventory management and the Astro WMS product. A number of improvement opportunities were revealed which Consafe Logistics could use to achieve its goals.

“Quality assurance must receive special attention in companies that plan to grow. We’ve gone from strength to strength thanks to System Verification.”

Stefan Borg, Chief Product Officer for Consafe Logistics.

High level of process adherence is vital

One goal was to increase adherence to the development process. The reason was simple: increased adherence results in greater efficiency in delivery projects, which is exactly what the company wanted to achieve. Consafe Logistics asked System Verification to develop a checklist for process evaluation in order to measure how well projects followed the process. Today the checklist functions both as a tool for follow-up and an incentive for continuous improvement.

“Process adherence is a prerequisite for improving quality, and that’s why it was so important to work with this parameter. The ISQ analysis really shed light on the situation, and after taking some simple actions, we are pleased with our level of process adherence.”

Stefan Borg, Chief Product Officer for Consafe Logistics.

Management by objectives with clearer measurement data

Consafe Logistics also wanted to refine its development process, which was given a more clear-cut project structure and more well-defined inputs and outputs. Previously, focus was directed too quickly on the solution, and this affected tasks such as requirements specification. In addition, test was resource-driven instead of needs-based, because resources were being borrowed from the internal organisation. Consafe Logistics contracted professional testers from System Verification, which lightened the load on internal staff and increased precision.

Another area for improvements involved measurement data and KPIs. Through wise use of basic data from Consafe Logistics’ case management system, cases could be categorised and important data could be visualised. This information became the basis for establishing KPIs, such as the ratio of open to closed cases. Increased control improved efficiency and revealed the modules in a solution that often generated quality issues and that needed to be addressed.

Test automation – stable quality and reduced costs

It is a well-known challenge in the industry: if testing is not carried out continuously, constant updates erode the quality of a solution – no matter how successful its first release. For organisations like Consafe Logistics that maintain SLA agreements with customers, this challenge is particularly evident; with an SLA, quality problems are penalised and exceeding quality targets is rewarded. Test automation is one way to maintain high quality in deliveries over time, but it also frees up time so the internal organisation can focus on tasks other than regression test. Test automation was the second step in Consafe Logistics’ cooperation with System Verification.

After adapting the test-case template for the client’s needs, System Verification reviewed the approximately 400 manual test cases for regression test. The goal was to make these test cases more consistent and create a basis for test automation. Thereafter a so-called proof of concept was carried out, with approximately ten test cases, which demonstrated that everything was ready for a full-scale implementation. The system was put into operation, with very positive results.


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