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Cerdo Bankpartner offers a unique blend of expertise in finance and IT, for implementation and delivery of standardised services, processes and system support in banking and finance. Customer projects vary greatly, and this means bespoke testing competence is required for each project. In partnership with System Verification, Cerdo Bankpartner can ensure that every project receives the testing resources the customer needs.

Cerdo Bankpartner’s clients are primarily small and medium-sized businesses in the financial market. The company provides a concept comprising back-office and IT solutions in lending, savings and card services. Customers usually have a standard system which has been adapted with customer-specific applications and a unique graphical interface. The new system is integrated in the customer’s portal, which can be a combination of systems from several different suppliers. Projects vary in both complexity and time frame. However, the common denominator for all projects is that functionality must be tested and quality assured according to stringent requirements, because the systems manage highly sensitive personal data and confidential financial information.

Cerdo Bankpartner has understood that using an external supplier of testing services is more advantageous than having their own testing operations. Since 2009 Cerdo has maintained an exclusive framework agreement with System Verification. Cerdo Bankpartner has around 80 employees, and uses System Verification’s highly specialised test managers and testers in their customer projects. Approximately 40 projects are carried out each year.

”System Verification’s testers have the ability to see the big picture. They are also very customer-orientated. Customers can’t always see and understand the entire test process. The testers help them determine exactly what needs to be done to achieve the most effective testing for different phases of a project. Often, the test manager divides deliveries so the customer’s staff can test new functionality step by step. This close, ongoing dialogue is highly valued.”

Malin Andersson, Manager of the project office at Cerdo Bankpartner.

Putting the right competence in place at the right time

Cerdo Bankpartner’s customers include both smaller and medium-sized financial companies, and this means that needs can differ greatly from customer to customer. According to Malin Andersson, using a niche QA supplier such as System Verification is a better choice than creating and maintaining Cerdo Bankpartner’s own test operations.

”We can get precisely the right competence needed for each project and phase. We also think it’s a great benefit that System Verification knows our business and provides help when we carry out strategic planning for projects. Often the project manager responsible from our side is involved in the discussion, so we can be sure the consultants we hire will be the right addition we need. We can also get assistance on very short notice.”

Malin Andersson, Manager of the project office at Cerdo Bankpartner.

According to Bobby Kociski, Business Unit Manager at System Verification, an exclusive framework agreement offers the customer multiple benefits.

“As a primary supplier, we get involved in early stages of the project and can contribute with our expertise right from the beginning. We can also ensure that the right competence is available whenever it is needed.”

Helping users in customer environments

In customer projects, the test manager is responsible for organizing and planning the tests to be carried out and determining when testing will take place. The test manager also creates the test cases and writes bug reports, and can even be the person who performs regression tests and integration tests, for example. Acceptance tests are performed by so-called super users in the orderer’s organisation. System Verification is usually on the scene to help guide users.

”It’s always a challenge to find the time so users can perform testing in addition to their regular tasks. Thanks to the highly structured test process, we can carry out the work in an efficient manner.” 

Delivering specialized, industry-specific knowledge

The years of cooperation with Cerdo Bankpartner have ensured that System Verification’s consultants have acquired considerable knowledge about processes unique to the banking and finance sector. The consultants also understand how these processes relate to each other in the infrastructure.

”This is definitely an advantage in large integration projects. This understanding of the business ensures that consultants can quickly become productive and work independently.”

Malin Andersson, Malin Andersson, Manager of the project office at Cerdo Bankpartner.

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