Customer case mobile applications

Creating end-to-end tests for mobile applications

Crunchfish develops solutions for mobile payments. Needless to say, this is an area that simply has no room for technical glitches, so how can a test framework support and meet these extremely high requirements? 

 In their setup, Crunchfish utilises Bitrise – a Continuous Integration (CI) service for building mobile applications. The mobile applications created at Crunchfish are used to verify the software stacks. 

The main challenge was that the CI pipeline is cloud-based, while the hardware used in the End-to-End tests was located in the client’s office and connected to a computer inside the Crunchfish intranet. We solved the problem by using Appium, which exposed the hardware to Bitrise – the cloud-based CI tool. 

We co-developed the End-to-End test framework for the mobile applications running on Android together with the inhouse team at Crunchfish, while we were solely responsible for developing both the tests involved and the user interface used to control multiple mobile phones. The End-to-End test steps were added into the CI/CD chain tool.

System Verification helped us design tests, that verify functionality in our system using mobile phones via the cloud. This is great since we increase test coverage in our CI effort and we will continue to extend our test suite to cover more features,” says Joakim Nydemark, CEO of Crunchfish Gesture Interaction AB.

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Customer case mobile applications
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