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Building a new digital platform

The gig economy is growing, and consultant supplier Ework wants to make the most of it. The key to success? Modern and flexible software. Being their strategic partner, we helped Ework create an entirely new digital platform based on the latest technology and a fully automated DevOps pipeline.

Ework has high ambitions. Today, almost 8000 consultants get their assignments through Ework. The plan is they will become twice as many over the coming years. It is against this background that Ework chose us as their strategic partner. The partnership started in 2017, and in 2019 we signed a framework agreement for another three years. And as the so-called gig economy is growing rapidly, there is an increased need for effective digital meeting points for companies and consultants.

“Our digital platform must be adapted to the new gig economy landscape. It must enable a quick process, from customer feedback to implementation of improvements and release. Customer feedback management and an efficient quality pipeline are critical. System Verification has the right knowledge, partners and attitude to support this work. Also, we greatly value that an external partner like System Verification challenges and quality assures our internal development organisation. Together, we become better and stronger,” says Jesper Vraa Hendriksen, CDO at Ework Group.


Like many big companies, Ework has a heavy legacy system. There was a clear need for a more effective and flexible IT system that could accommodate many different stakeholders – freelancing consultants, customers, providers and internal staff. Therefore, we helped Ework make a brave decision: To build a new digital platform based on the latest technology and a fully automated DevOps pipeline. And in parallel, move the legacy system to AWS to facilitate information sharing and step-by-step migration of the legacy applications to the new platform.


The flexible and cost-efficient delivery model is another important part of the solution. It benefits from the System Verification ecosystem of partners and their teams of cutting-edge experts within quality assurance and software development. One of these ecosystem companies is Reeinvent – specialists in modernization of business processes by using technologies such as cloud services. Our extended team has approximately 75 team members from several different countries (Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Bosnia-Herzegovina). The team works in close cooperation with Ework’s development organisation.


Ework strives to win the war of talents. To realise their ambitions, data-driven development is in focus. The new development process uses AI Monitoring to optimize the software development, and the DevOps pipeline management is fully automated. This increases the delivery rate, improves availability and provides a better user experience.

“Ework’s new digital platform represents the next generation of software development. It benefits from the latest technologies and development principles. Ework is
well equipped for the future,” says Henrik Sällman, CEO System Verification Bosnia.

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