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Automation of manual test cases results in significant savings

A leading company in the process and packaging industry wanted to reduce the number of labour hours spent on manual test, to reduce costs while also assuring software quality. System Verification developed and implemented a test automation framework solution – and today this framework replaces up to 80% of existing test cases.

This international company has customers all over the world, all with unique solutions in their production facilities. These customers use various suppliers for hardware and customer-specific software solutions. Production operators control the system through a website. New software functionality is continually being developed – and this is quite a challenge when each customer has a bespoke system.

Previously, the company conducted only manual tests on software, without using unit test or regression test. Manual testing of all these unique permutations required enormous amounts of time. Testers were often compelled to be selective, and this meant that the results could depend on who carried out the tests. Quality was inconsistent, and this affected the company’s customers.

The company understood it needed a solution that would save time and create consistently high quality in every release. System Verification proposed the development of a unique framework to create and carry out automated tests.

The solution: Test automation

The requirements on the framework were that it should be supplier-independent and have an open, flexible architecture. It also needed to be simple to use. System Verification built a graphic user interface to handle an unlimited number of tests with ready-to-use combinations. The framework was completed in about six months.

There are numerous advantages to this system. Regression test can be automatically performed for new releases, and the same tests are always performed. The test process is exactly the same each time, and independent of the tester. In addition, testers use the combinations which are required to guarantee quality. It is also possible to test software from several different suppliers simultaneously.

System Verification will develop the framework further, with even simpler, clearer reports and new features, such as the capacity to perform test cases within test cases. The framework will also be able to be used by multiple subsidiaries in the group.


Often, many kinds of test cases are carried out prior to a release. A test case performed using manual test can require anywhere from a few hours to several days. Test automation can bring considerable reductions in the hours required, because no one needs to monitor or control testing. The company estimates that up to 80 percent of existing test cases can be replaced with automated tests; this translates into significant labour-hour reductions. This also creates long-term savings in terms of costs for the company.

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