No consultant assignment is exactly the same. It is a work role where variety comes as a natural ingredient. But apart from being qualified competence-wise, what does it take to work as a consultant? Consultant Manager Madeleine Erlandsson, Tech Recruiter Miriam Adhanom and Head of Talent Acquisition / HR Specialist Mathilda Syrén have the answers.

Finding your assignment

The process of starting your consultant journey at System Verification


Prior to start

Creating your consultant CV

Even before you start with us you will create your consultant CV that will be sent to customers/assignments.

Dialogue about suitable assignment

There will always be a dialogue together with you and your manager which assignments are suitable and interesting for you and to which assignments your profile is being sent in to. You will also be updated meanwhile.

Your first time at SYVE

The first weeks can look different.

If we have managed to find an assignment even before your start, your start date at SYVE can be the same as the start date at the customer. Often you at least have one day at the SYVE office for onboarding.

If you start but don’t have an assignment ready, which is the most common, your first weeks are a great chance to really get you onboarded and getting to know your new colleagues.

Waiting for an assignment

Focus on competence development.

Waiting for your first assignment, or being in-between assignments, is a time when you focus on your competence development, such as taking courses and certifications.

Your profile and the market matters

Depending on your profile and the overall market status, determines how easy and quick we can find your next assignment.

At the customer

Every assignment is different.

Most common is that you are 100% at the same customer in the same project, however, a few cases differ.

An assignment typically lasts around 1,5 years. Depending on the customer’s needs, and your wishes, this can both be longer and shorter.

Either you are the only consultant from us, or you are multiple consultants at the same customer and/or project.


About the consultant role

Which industries ARE System Verification working with? 

System Verification works with a variety of industries and customers, offering the opportunity to work within different industries without changing employers. This is due to System Verification’s extensive selection of great clients. 

The industries vary depending on the country and region. Some examples include: 

  – Bank & Finance
  – Automotive
  – E-commerce
  – Public Administration
  – Telecom/Embedded
  – Industry
  – Health Care
  – Logistics 


What does it mean to be a QA-niched company? 

Being a QA-niched company means prioritizing and focusing exclusively on software quality. Everything revolves around this field. With over 22 years of experience in delivering QA expertise, System Verification is confident in being the best at what they do. Many managers have IT and QA backgrounds, providing a true understanding of the field. 

System Verification prioritizes and invests in the continuous development of employees’ skills. Employees are given the best tools and resources to deepen their knowledge in the newest trends in QA. Conference trips and lectures are always focused on QA and testing. 


It’s often said that the consultant role is an unstable career during difficult times. What are System Verification’s thoughts on this? Do I receive a salary between assignments? 

Employment agreements at System Verification are not project-based. There may be longer periods between assignments, but employment is not at risk during these times. System Verification has never had mass layoffs and has navigated difficult times with other solutions. 

Salaries do not depend on having an active assignment. A common misconception is that consultants’ salaries are significantly lower between assignments, but this is not the case at System Verification. We strive to be a stable employer, ensuring our employees always receive their basic salary. 


How does the competence development look like at System Verification? 

Each consultant has an allocated budget for training, including classroom training and certification courses as necessary. The company values sharing expertise and skills among colleagues, including two experts with PhDs and advanced internal test automation training. 

System Verification offers unlimited access to the Udemy for Business learning platform and hosts several internal and external webinars each year, ranging from advanced to less advanced, as well as soft skills webinars conducted by employees. 


Do I as a consultant have any say in the assignments System Verification offers me? 

Absolutely! Consultants are always part of the discussions regarding their next assignment. System Verification never forces assignments or gives ultimatums. 


Which role would suit you?


Chloe O'Mahony_System Verification

“Throughout my career with System Verification, I have always received wonderful support from the management and in particular my consultant managers.”

Chloe O’Mahony,
Interview with a Test Lead

Test automation engineer

Rafal Lutczyk_System Verification

“During my years at System Verification, I’ve gained experience from telecom, automotive, bank, and defense in companies such as Volvo, Saab, Sony, Ikano Bank, and Fingerprint Cards.”

Rafal Lutczyk,
Interview with a Test Automation Engineer

Software Test Engineer

Horst Harens_System Verification

“My most significant achievement at System verification or in my current assignment has been successfully adapting to a completely new role and mindset.”

Horst Harens,
Software Test Engineer
Interview with a Test Automation Engineer


Tim Rosenkrantz_System Verification

“I’ve seized the opportunity to learn new things as they come and haven’t been afraid to take on significant tasks when I felt supported both by System Verification and colleagues to acquire knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible solution to the customer.”

TIM Rosenkrantz,
Test AUTOMATION Engineer
Interview with a Senior Consultant


Harun Medar

“With over 9 years of experience in this field, I have had the privilege to see the dynamic landscape of technology. As a QA Consultant, I already worked on different projects and had a wide range of responsibilities.”

Interview with a Test Manager


“Looking back at the inception of my assignment, I can proudly acknowledge substantial personal and professional development, particularly in the realms of software testing and collaboration within diverse development teams for various customers. ”

Interview with a Senior Consultant
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