Our guide for continued success

Our company core values are the basis for how we cooperate internally and externally, in order to achieve our goals. At System Verification these core values have permeated every aspect of our work, from day one, and they are still the guiding light we use to get different personalities and cultures to collaborate and work towards a common goal. The core values form our company culture and are our guide for continued success.

Our core values

  • Enjoyment & Innovation
  • Future & Relationships
  • Quality & Proactivity
  • Responsibility & Respect

To learn more about these values and what they entail, download our Culture folder to the right.


Our culture folder

For more information about our core values, download our Culture folder.



In the early 2000s, Hamdija Jusufagic identified a clear gap in the market. No Swedish company had positioned itself within the Software Quality Assurance niche, neither as a supplier nor as an employer for talents specializing in the field.

“The future is bright! We continuously consolidate our position as market leaders through hard work and dedication.” – Hamdija Jusufagic, Founder and Chairman of the board, System Verification

Rana Alsafi Senior Test Engineer at System Verification
System Gathering

We meet, discuss and learn

We believe in constant learning, and we believe that meetings between experts nourish our passion for Quality Assurance. Therefore, we offer a unique concept for powerful knowledge transfer – System Gathering. During these meetings, our QA experts meet to learn about new topics, discuss challenging cases and share experiences.

Career within Quality Assurance
Employer Satisfaction Survey

The best things about working at System Verification

Every year we conduct a survey among our employees to understand what they think about working here. What areas stand out? We went into the survey and found that 3 areas are particularly appreciated: Company culture, Image and Leadership. All of them score over 90%.

Children in Nepal

Work for a brighter future

We want to be active in a larger sphere and contribute to positive social change. This can mean working to create better circumstances for children and for young people who have limited resources. We sponsor organizations and carry out our own charity projects.