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We set the bar higher. Sound familiar?

Some say we are perfectionists. We take that as a compliment. We are passionate about improving quality in our clients’ organizations and software to ensure that they can achieve their business goals. Are your own requirement as ambitious as ours? If so, we have got the QA job for you as for example Test Engineer, Test Automation Engineer, Test Manager or other roles within Quality Assurance. We have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg, Bonn, Frankfurt and Sarajevo.

Our Customer Satisfaction Index scores over 90%

When you start working with us, you will get into a team with people who are committed and focused on delivering the best to our customers. As a team, we can move mountains, and all different personalities are needed. Are you our next colleague?

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We want our new co-workers to feel at home and get to know the company as quick as possible. This is how we do it!

We have open positions

Job type Apply before Location

Team Lead Embedded Solutions | Göteborg

Are you a social, goal-oriented and dedicated Embedded Engineer with leader ambitions, who is driven by developing and building relationships with employees and customers? Do you h...
Apply before: August 31, 2020 Location: Göteborg

Account Manager | Göteborg

Are you a responsible, social and goal-oriented go-getter with a passion for business development? Then you might fit the role as our new Account Manager.
Apply before: August 31, 2020 Location: Göteborg

Regional Manager | Linköping/Norrköping

Are you a passionate, goal-oriented and dedicated leader who is driven by developing and building business and relationships with customers and employees? We are looking for an exp...
Apply before: September 11, 2020 Location: Linköping/Norrköping
17 years in QA business
7 offices
250 employees
4/5 consultant rating
Career within Quality Assurance
Employer Satisfaction Survey

The best things about working at System Verification

Every year we conduct a survey among our employees to understand what they think about working here. What areas stand out? We went into the survey and found that 3 areas are particularly appreciated: Company culture, Image and Leadership. All of them score over 90%.

Working as a consultant

“I love the variety of challenges”

During her ten years in the company, Marie Nilsson has certainly kept herself busy. She has accomplished ten assignments at ten different companies and in six different industries. And according to Marie, the great variety is one of the best things about being a consultant.

System Gathering

We meet, discuss and learn

We believe in constant learning, and we believe that meetings between experts nourish our passion for Quality Assurance. Therefore, we offer a unique concept for powerful knowledge transfer – System Gathering. During these meetings, our QA experts meet to learn about new topics, discuss challenging cases and share experiences.

Hamdija Jusufagic Founder and Group CEO System Verification.
Are you ready to move forward with us?

We are passionate about our work and strive to lead the way

Hamdija Jusufagic, Group CEO System Verification

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We are always interested in people who is passionate about quality and who share our core values. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Your application can be in English or Swedish.


Which role would suit you?

Test Manager
“A challenge to coordinate different goals”

“I really like having an overall view and following the software throughout the project’s life cycle. I also enjoy the challenge of coordinating everything so we can make a great delivery.”

Alexandra Elmer, Test Manager

Test automation engineer
“Being responsible for quality motivates me”

“Many people aren’t familiar with the field as such, but it holds almost unlimited career opportunities. New technologies and platforms require continual competence development and you can work in any industry.”

Jens Johansson, Test Automation Engineer

Test Engineer
“I have close contact with the management team”

"Good team spirit among colleagues and close contact with the management team make it possible for qualities such as professionalism and consultant camaraderie, as well as the transfer of expertise itself, to spread throughout the company."

Tobias Anderson, Test Engineer

“I can tailor my own personal development”

"System Verification gives me the possibility to take my career exactly where I want it to go. Supportive management and a wide choice of training options mean that in principle, I can tailor my own personal development."

John Lunde Flennmark, Test Engineer

Colleagues at System Verification
Personal development

Internal leadership programme

We focus on each individual’s desire for personal development and encourage our employees to take on new challenges.

Company culture
Our culture

Do you share our core values?

Our values are the basis for how we cooperate, in order to achieve our goals. They have permeated every aspect of our work, from day one, and they are still the guiding light we use to get different personalities and cultures to work towards a common goal.

Children in Nepal

Work for a brighter future

We want to be active in a larger sphere and contribute to positive social change. This can mean working to create better circumstances for children and for young people who have limited resources. We sponsor organizations and carry out our own charity projects.

Social responsibility
Company culture

We care about you

  • Occupational pension
  • Insurance cover
  • Occupational health care
  • Health maintenance benefit
  • Parental salary
  • Debiting bonus
  • Referral bonus

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We are always interested in people who is passionate about quality and who share our core values. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Your application can be in English or Swedish.