Vulnerability Check

Identify security issues before it is too late

Security breaches and vulnerability issues are every company’s nightmare. Today the risk is higher than ever before due to customers’ demand for new products and features which pushes companies to release more often. And all of us know that every time a new version of a website is released, or a new feature is launched, there is a risk a new bug or vulnerability is introduced. This means that efforts conducted sporadically are out of the question. Companies need to have constant information about the software’s security status. Our monitoring service Vulnerability Check identifies security issues, misconfigurations and other weaknesses before attackers walk out the door with confidential information. 

High detection excellence

We use different tools for different scenarios since all cases are unique. When you combine the insights from the tools with the brilliant minds of our security experts and Quality Assurance experts you get a very strong setup. 

Part of an ongoing delivery

  • Monthly report and walk-through 
  • Tool administration and configuration is made by team members in an ongoing delivery 
  • Integrated vulnerability status in QA reporting 
  • Continuous security attention in project delivery
  • Manual analysis of threats

800 Euro per scanned site and month – unlimited number of scans. Admin and configuration invoiced according to ongoing delivery. 

One time analysis

  • Manual analysis of threats 
  • Vulnerability report and walk-through of findings per scan 
  • Tool administration and configuration

First scan and report 2000 Euro per scanned site. Subscription 800 Euro per scan and site. Monthly or quarterly follow-up after first scan 

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