3 tips to make AI your best friend

According to Gartner, at least 40% of new development projects will have an AI co-developer by 2022. Like it or not. The best you can do is to start exploring the AI technology and make it a natural part of your software projects. Take advantage of our 3 best tips to start with.

Last week we arranged a lunch seminar together with Edument on the topic ‘How to achieve modern software development’. Is it to make more of what we are already doing, but a little bit faster? No, modern software development embraces new technologies such as AI. Henrik Sällman, CEO at System Verification Bosnia and Herzegovina, seized the opportunity to dig deeper into this during the seminar, based on experiences from one of System Verification’s global clients. So what is the right thing to start with? Henrik shares his three best tips to keep pace with modern software development.


Today’s developers will, to a much wider extent, use virtual assistance to do some of their work. According to Gartner’s technology trends report for 2019, at least 40 percent of all new development projects will have artificial intelligence co-developers by 2022. From a business perspective, make sure that you follow the trend to not be left behind and risk getting lower throughput compared to your competitors. As a developer, be ready to accept that a virtual assistant will do parts of your work.


Making digital representations, so called digital twins, of your team and software architecture will greatly increase your effectiveness. A digital twin makes it possible to predict and prevent organization flaws that slow down your throughput and increasing the risk to get late to market with new features. Many different scenarios can be simulated, which means unlimited possibilities.


Any CFO would find if unacceptable to spend a lot of time, effort and money without properly monitoring the finance and sales. Why is our software development excused from full control? It is time to start monitoring your software business in the same way as other business areas! Find out how your organization maps to your architecture and find on and off boarding risks before they happen. And, most importantly, make sure you do not fill up your back pack with too much technical dept that slows down your future business development.

So, put briefly, it is high time to start exploring AI and find ways to use it in your business. System Verification offers a powerful monitoring service called Software Intelligence that benefits from the power of AI in combination with human expertise. Our experts monitor your software project based on a powerful AI tool, analyze the results and recommend what to prioritize. Software Intelligence provides insights to executives, managers and engineers that significantly improve their ability to make the right decisions.

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