Time to get a new haircut?

Timing is the key to success in most cases. You should not be too early, and even worse, too late. This is a tricky challenge but if you manage to get things right in time, then you will be successful. This is also very true regarding your digital transformation journey.

Many years ago, I met an old friend at a birthday party. I had not seen him for a while and I was really surprised by his haircut, a mullet! It was so out of fashion and could not understand why he got a mullet. Then he explained to me the problem about adopting to the latest hair fashion. According to him the problem occurred when you wanted to adopt to the latest trend. For example, you started to grow your hair to be able to get that stylish haircut, but when you were able to do that it was out of fashion. He was convinced that mullets should become the latest fashion again and this time he should be prepared!

A couple of years later I met him again at bachelor party. This time without the mullet and instead having a more normal haircut. Of course I asked him why he had got rid of his mullet and he explained that he became tired of waiting and his wife was also quite annoyed. The ironic part is that only a year later mullets and all the other attributes from the eighties became popular again. Unfortunately, my friend was a little bit too early this time and did not have the perseverance to finish this race.

Avoid the risk of being out of fashion

What can we learn from mullets when we talk about digital transformation? As mentioned before, it is about timing. If you start too early, the customers, clients and employees will not be ready. If you start too late, you will miss business opportunities or make rushed decisions that will cause problems later on. In this case I would say that if you have not started your journey, it is time to do so. Otherwise, there is a risk that when you have reached your destination, your solution will be outdated, or out of fashion.

We at System Verification can guide you on this journey so that you focus on the right things and secure the quality in all important aspects, from your initial strategy to the final solution. We are your independent guide wherever you find yourself in the process.

Find the right digital strategy

If you have not started to think about your journey at all, we support you finding the right digital strategy for your organization, by being the friend who can see your organization from different angles and understanding what digital strategy could contribute with. Maybe you have decided in which direction you would like to go, then we make sure your requirements are set up in a way that makes them communicable and usable throughout the complete project progress. And of course, we will make sure to quality assure that you get what you required.

If you already has started your journey, System Verification can help you find and prioritize your digital roadmap per your needs and be that knowledgeable friend when talking to suppliers. Ensuring you don’t fall into the common pitfalls of customers to system vendors.

Get the most value out of your digital solutions

Our core value is to make sure our customers and partners can get the most value out of their digital solutions, making their digital strategy come to life. The question is if you would like us to help you or you will wait for the mullets to become popular again?

Author: Magnus C. Ohlsson, Test Strategist at System Verification.
Phone: +46 73 661 28 60

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