“There is always time for a new journey”

Mersiha Smajevic joined our Sarajevo team back in 2017. Last year, she got the opportunity to continue her System Verification journey in another country. She transferred to our office in Frankfurt. So how come she decided to take the leap? Here’s Mersiha’s story.

Describing herself as someone who loves to travel, learn new languages and meet new people and cultures, working abroad has always been on the cards for Mersiha.

“My first professional project was in English,” she remembers. “I was in Bosnia but worked closely with American and Indian colleagues. To meet their way of working, their culture, mentality, professionalism and, most importantly, how I see myself in this world, were revelations to me. That is when I realized that I could work anywhere and with any culture in the world, as long as we all have the same level of professionalism and goal. After applying for a job at System Verification, I joined the Sarajevo office and decided to stay in Bosnia for some time. Two years later, my husband got an interesting offer from a company in Mainz, Germany. Since System Verification had opened up new offices in Bonn and Frankfurt in 2019, and since I’ve always been interested in working in other EU countries, we decided to take the next step.”

Moving to another country has its difficulties. There are language barriers, bureaucracy, and lots of obstacles to overcome. And at the same time, Mersiha also experienced an organisational change at the company.

“Yes, the start in Germany was challenging, especially the language. But I really appreciated the support I got from my new German colleagues at System Verification and how welcoming they have been. After some time, I managed to organize my private obligations and professional duties.”

Mersiha has now spent a full year on German soil, and she enjoys life in her new home country.

“Fortunately, I got the opportunity to continue working on the same project as in Bosnia, so I had some time to improve my German language skills. I also completed some courses on Udemy (note: a platform for online courses) for Business, had meetings with our lovely German HR Manager Celina and took the chance to practice as much as possible. And recently, I got a new consultant assignment: to work as a Test Manager for a famous German company with a long history in the steel industry.”

When asked about her journey at System Verification, Mersiha speaks of four years full of changes and achievements.

“I have professionally grown to lead a great project and have the best team of colleagues ever. Also, at the time when I gave birth to my second son in Sarajevo, I had the option to work part time and was never left alone. I was always supported by System Verification. As for the future, I have a lot of plans. I want to work more on my personal and professional skills. There is always something new to learn and to achieve, to improve and to experience. But right now, it is most important to stay healthy.”

So, what would be her advice to anyone who is considering embarking on a similar journey like hers?

“Just GO! It is sometimes difficult, but when you look back, it’s so worth it.” 

Today, System Verification has eight different office locations in four European countries. We strongly believe that diversity and international collaboration are our core strengths, as well as the basis for new opportunities.

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