System Verification Germany supports graduating young talents

Right from the start back in 2019, System Verification Germany has aimed to support young talents in their development and career. Collaborating with working students is valuable to the company – it brings new perspectives and high levels of energy. Here are the stories of Onur Akar and Yvonne Weiss, two students that know what it’s like to write a final thesis at System Verification.

Their expertise lies in different areas. Onur works with software testing, while Yvonne is doing a master at the social science department of the University in Kaiserslautern. The two have one thing in common, though: they both got off to a good start with System Verification.

“Before my first day of work, my closest manager and I discussed my future tasks and thesis topic. I had the possibility to work my first days at the office in Frankfurt, which was nice because I got to know the location and some colleagues in person,” says Yvonne.

She started in April this year and is currently supporting recruitment processes, HR initiatives and marketing activities. Her thesis is about employee benefits and how the company can increase its attractiveness as an employer.

So what about Onur? After his start as a working student, he today holds the position of a Junior Software Tester at System Verification. He remembers:

“I had a very good start with System Verification. At the beginning of the internship I was engaged in a project with my mentor and with his technical knowledge and experience, he was able to help me develop both personally and professionally. My entry into professional life was great and I learned a lot about the processes of testing high-quality software. Overall, the internship at System Verification was the ideal opportunity to gain initial practical experience in the field of Software Quality Assurance. The topic of my Bachelor thesis and the project I worked at fit together perfectly. In addition, I always had experienced colleagues at my side who could quickly answer questions and give me constant input and feedback.”

Needless to say, the pandemic hasn’t made things easier for Yvonne and Onur – but things have worked out anyway.

“With 100% remote work, the greatest challenge so far has been to familiarize myself with the corporate structures and way of working. So I am very grateful that System Verification is keen to maintain the team spirit and always prioritizes our great company culture. I especially appreciate the working atmosphere. It is characterized by open-mindedness and motivated and ambitious people.” says Yvonne.

Onur also appreciates the support he got from more experienced colleagues.

“My biggest challenge was to do all the research and to bring it into the thesis in a structured way. My experienced mentors helped me. In addition, System Verification enabled me to gain practical experience in the area of Test Automation with the tools like Cucumber and Selenium, which was a perfect match for my topic in the Bachelor thesis. I was allowed to work with two employees from System Verification who supported and encouraged me with their expert knowledge,” he says.

Yvonne and Onur Thesis Writing at System Verification

Yvonne Weiss and Onur Akar.

What happens next?

“Once again, I realized that HR is so versatile and exciting that I want to continue working in this field. Thanks to my time at System Verification, things like corporate culture have become more important to me. I didn’t pay much attention to that before, but by experiencing the working atmosphere at System Verification my focus totally changed. But before I start working fulltime, I would like to make up for some travel plans that got canceled last year due to covid,” says Yvonne.

“Thanks to the good working atmosphere and the friendly relationship with management, I feel very comfortable at System Verification. In the next few years I would like to take on more individual responsibility in upcoming projects. Because of this, I see System Verification as the ideal employer for my personal and future development,” adds Onur.

Interested in writing your thesis with us?

Do you study IT, business informatics or similar? And are you interested in writing a thesis about software testing, software development or test development? Then get in touch with us to discuss!

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