System Verification delivers software insights for Connected Skills

For getting overall insight, gaining control, and avoiding surprises within their software projects, Connected Skills ordered a software health check by System Verification.  

Malmö, Sweden 13 Sept 2023 System Verification, a global software quality assurance company, is excited to announce the collaboration with the digital meeting platform for consultant services, Connected Skills.
System Verification has proudly delivered one of their well-established services called Health Check. This service contains a software quality analysis on the codebase, based on a few important aspects, two of them being prioritizing technical debt and knowledge distribution within the team.

Connected Skills has a distributed software development team that is responsible for developing their critical digital asset – the Connected Skills platform. The team consists of a majority of remote nearshore resources. As many different developers are involved in the production of the platform, and the pace and quality of new desired features are highest priority, Connected Skills turned to System Verification to perform a software Health Check.  

“It has been eye-opening to be able to anticipate and fix technical challenges before they affect our users.”

– Fredrik Anker, Connected Skills

The Health Check service helped Connected Skills to get a data-driven analysis of the code quality delivered by the team. It also gave them visual information about the trend of the software health, including to-the-point advise on areas to improve to reach high and positive business impact. 

System Verification could also identify areas of knowledge loss, e.g. areas in the codebase that no one in current team had knowledge of, as well as areas with high dependencies on individuals in the team. 

The full analysis, including a kick-off and report presentation, was performed within 5 business days. The valuable insight helped Connected Skills to take decisions on software improvements, quality processes as well as team configuration and benchmark the delivery team to find cost-, efficiency- and quality improvements. 

Responsible for this delivery from System Verification is our delivery manager Eric Järdemar, based in Malmö at HQ. “This delivery has been a delight to work with, the customer, Connected Skills, has included us in the project in a very good and effective way and we have found valuable aspects for them to work with further on.”

Fredrik Anker, COO Connected Skills describes shortly why this is collaboration is an important step for them in their journey and who this analysis will help them move forward to create a sustainable process for their software projects:  

Fredrik Anker_Connected Skills
Connected Skills_Fredrik Anker

“The collaboration with System Verification has been part of our development journey with quality assurance of Connected Skills. Their technical expertise and use of CodeScene has provided us with important insights into our existing codebase and helped us identify potential areas of improvement as well as prioritizing addressing technical debt. Through their professional approach, they have delivered an analysis that not only points to the problems but also practical recommendations to solve them.
What made this analysis interesting to us from the very beginning was the possibility of preventing problems before they occurred. It has been eye-opening to be able to anticipate and fix technical challenges before they affect our users. After delivery, we implemented several of the suggested improvements and saw improvement in system performance and stability. It has given us the confidence to continue developing and scaling Connected Skills with high quality and user satisfaction as our primary goal.”

“It is always exiting to be able to connect with customers and support them in what they really need, and the collaboration with Connected Skills has worked out very well. We look forward working more with them in the future!” says Peter Sognefur, CSO at System Verification.

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