System Verification 20 years – and that was just the beginning

In 2022, it is 20 years since northern Europe’s leading Software Quality Assurance company was founded. This will be celebrated in a variety of ways – which include plans for continued and strong growth.

In the early 2000s, Hamdija Jusufagic identified a clear gap in the market. No Swedish company had positioned itself within the Software Quality Assurance niche, neither as a supplier nor as an employer for talents specializing in the field.

Software was already becoming an increasingly important asset and competitive advantage for many companies, regardless of industry, even if this was long before expressions like “digital transformation” were commonly used. However, quality assurance was often neglected. In 2002, Hamdija therefore founded System Verification. At that time, the company was time specialized in software testing. Since then, the company has expanded its offer and experienced significant growth. Today, System Verification has approximately 300 employees in four countries. Many of the employees who joined at the start are still with the company. Hamdija Jusufagic is currently the Chairman of the Board and principal owner.

This year, System Verification turns 20. And the journey has only just begun.

“We will continue to grow. Profitable growth has always been key to us, both to enable continued investments in the company’s development, but also to create career paths for our talented employees. Our ambitions for 2022 are high. We will hire at least 100 new employees and aim for a revenue increase of over 30%. A large part of our growth takes place in our non-Swedish operations in Germany, Poland and Bosnia. The goal is to open 4-5 new offices during the year. The current pandemic has brought challenges – but also great opportunities, and we have successfully taken advantage of them. The market has not only become used to remote deliveries, but is now demanding this as the primary delivery format. Many employees also want to keep the opportunity for hybrid work, where they divide their time between the office and the home. We have well-established models for all this, in addition to a European delivery capability. It gives us great opportunities to address a global market,” says Erik Björhäll – who became System Verification’s third employee when he started as a test leader twenty years ago. Today, he is a senior partner and Group CEO.

System Verification’s core business – expert consultancy services within quality assurance – continues to be an important part of the company operations. Demand for packaged services, such as distributed deliveries and subscription-based monitoring, is expected to increase sharply. At the same time, it is part of System Verification’s DNA to constantly challenge existing models and the status quo.

“To us, change is business as usual. One of the biggest threats to future success is to get stuck in historical success. Therefore, we must continue to work on our own transformation, to keep on challenging ourselves and never be afraid of innovations that cannibalize on our existing business. If we don’t do this ourselves, someone else will. We are now developing the Quality Assurance methods of the future. We create models that analyze large software systems so we, with the help of AI and historical data, can predict the evolution of the software. In the future, QA will not be as reactive as it is today,” says Hamdija Jusufagic, the company’s founder.

Hamdija Jusufagic continues:

“The future is bright! We continuously consolidate our position as market leaders through hard work and dedication. That we are beginning to see the end of the pandemic, and that restrictions are lifted, is great – not least because we want to celebrate our 20th anniversary thoroughly. In spring, we look forward to finally gather all our employees at a conference again. It will be like a fresh start – because these first 20 years were just the beginning.”

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