Students with attitude

Our internal training program “Summership” for engineering students in Bosnia is in full swing and the students show excellent progress. What do they think about the program? We had some small talks with the students.

The Summership concept was launched last year and has been very successful. This year’s students show the same energy and commitment. They dive into learning material and heaps of information, and they manage to solve every task that are given to them. There is no doubt that this year will be as successful as last year.

Solving various challenges

During the first phase, which was about manual testing, the students showed an excellent progress and when they moved on to test automation, they showed the same good results. They solve various challenges in a very positive manner. They have automated more than 60 test cases in the OO framework they have set up on their own. Anyone from the automated testing world knows how much hard work and effort that takes, even for professionals.

What do the students think about the training program?

“A lot of fun, knowledge and learning”

“Participating in System Verification internship is a really nice experience. A lot of fun, knowledge and learning has been put in front of us. It has been a great opportunity to make the first steps in my own career. Looking at how things work after brainstorming, exploring and coding is a real satisfaction. Healthy environment, experienced mentors and colleagues who are always there to help and teach are the best conditions to learn and improve soft skills. I am thankful to all the System Verification staff and I will recommend this kind of experience to every student.”

Emir Košpo

“This will definitely help me in my future career”

“This internship gives me the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment. The experience, knowledge and skills that I have gained will definitely help me in my future career. So far, I have learned a lot of new things, from the manual testing process: writing test plan, test cases, executing tests and reporting bugs, to automation testing: setting the framework, creating test scripts. Besides the technical knowledge, I have also gained actual work experience and improved my soft skills. Every day brings a new challenge, that makes this internship really exciting and interesting.

Since the beginning of the summership everyone in the office has been very kind, friendly and always willing to help us. Our mentors are very encouraging and supportive. The atmosphere here is really positive, especially during “fika time” where we all relax and hang out.“

Emina Medar

From the left: Emir Košpo, Emira Haseljić, Enisa Kevilj (mentor), Emina Medar and Ahmed Aletić.

“Our mentors are excellent – supportive and willing to help”

“I applied because I saw it as a great chance to feel a real work environment and confront substantial problems. The internship has teached me how to better organize time, collaborate with a team and how essential the team spirit is. It is truly fascinating how many things we have learned. The mentors are excellent, supportive and always willing to help. It is not only about learning, we truly have a great time together. We are involved in all group activities like team building and daily “fika time”. The thing I liked the most is that you can easily improve when you are surrounded by professionals that are ready to help and make you laugh.“

Emira Haseljić

“A great opportunity to enter the world of Quality Assurance”

“This was a great opportunity to enter the world of QA and understand its essence. With great people around you and mentors that are willing to help you all the time, you have everything you need to succeed. To be honest, I was not sure what to expect from this internship, but I can tell you that I am overwhelmed. I have learnt a lot of new things and been guided by our lovely mentors. Since we have been working in a team, it has been a pleasure to exchange opinions with my colleagues and find solutions for the problems we encountered, adopting a culture of dialogue and acceptance of a second opinion. This internship means a lot to me since this was a first real work experience and I am thankful that it was at System Verification. Everything is easy when you have nice people around you, and you will find plenty of that at System Verification.”

Ahmed Aletić

Author: Enisa Kevilj