Settling in as Consultant Manager

After almost exactly ten years at System Verification, Karolina Mileros moves on.

It’s Karolina Mileros’ first day at her new job. That calls for a celebration – her colleagues have decorated her workplace with balloons. Karolina looks around and finds “there is confetti everywhere.” And maybe a clarification is in place here: she is not leaving us. She’s been with System Verification for ten years, and since 1 October 2022 she is taking on the role as our new consultant manager for the Skåne region.

”I had about five years within QA when I first got in touch with System Verification. I met up with Erik Björhäll, Joanna Doweyko and Jonas Gyllenspetz (Group CEO, HR Manager and Group CGO today – but at the time, they all had other roles) and everything sounded really good. But I had my experiences from a former workplace echoing in the back of my mind – something along the lines of ‘never expect too much from an employer.’ So I was a little hesitant at first. In the end I decided to go for it. In retrospect, that was an excellent decision.”

Starting then and there, Karolina feels her career really took off.

”I got training, new perspectives, exciting assignments that were just right for me. It was like a smorgasbord of knowledge, and I devoured it all.”

Karolina had gone from manual and automated testing to working with test management. And from there, she moved to roles within requirements and project management.

“I also started to hold seminars in QA and test standardization. Clients got in touch and wanted me to come and talk to their teams. At the same time, I took on more challenging assignments. I enjoy setting up processes and finding smooth structures to get things done. When working as a team lead heading up bigger initiatives and transformation journeys, I realised that I find the ‘people aspect’ of my work really interesting and inspiring. There is something fundamental about working with people, and I believe I have a knack for it too.”

So when the job as a consultant manager became available, the timing was perfect.

”I wanted this type of challenge, and this is a company where people listen to your ambitions. So I applied. And here I am. Just before the summer vacations I was told the job was mine. The last month I’ve been handing over my last assignment to a colleague.”

A career move often means more than switching jobs. It often also comes with a new employer. But not to Karolina.

”I wanted to grow here at System Verification, because I think our values and atmosphere are quite unique. Our family feel is something that very much is for real. There’s trust, transparency and a genuine ambition to always try to make things better, both when it comes to our own situation and for our clients. And, ideally, for the world as a whole. Those basic values are shared by everyone here. But even if things are great already, I believe there is always room for improvement.”

So what happens next?

”My team consists of about 30 consultants, and my main focus right now is to make sure we take care of them in the best way possible. I know many of them already, but I haven’t met everyone yet. So I’ll get to know people, learn what makes them tick and go to work every day and take it from there. I will also be involved in recruitment together with the Talent Acquisition team. And I will also ask questions, ask questions and then ask some more questions. I have lots to learn, and I am eager to do it!”

A new role equals new responsibilities. But what about relationships – does she anticipate any changes?

“Well, some know me as a team lead, and my person won’t change. I am who I am. One difference is of course I will be invested more in people. And I think that my experience from various assignments will be useful. I know what it means to work as a consultant and I believe I can be a decent person to turn to when it comes to discussing the everyday challenges of the job. But I want to keep the openness. Maintain the atmosphere of us all working towards the same goals.”

So let’s finish off with the kind of question that seems to be mandatory in sports interviews: How does it feel?

“It is a new chapter in my life. It is new, inspiring, exciting. I like that. With this company, you never have to hesitate when you take on a new challenge. We help each other out, and that is definitely not going to change just because I have a new role.”

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