Sabina Engdahl appointed Group Chief Digital Marketing Officer of System Verification

Sabina Engdahl has been appointed Digital Marketing Officer of System Verification. Sabina has long experience in digital marketing and comes from a position as an advisor at the communication agency Resultify.

System Verification has transformed its marketing strategy towards digital channels. The Group Chief Digital Marketing Officer role is new and global and it encompasses all current and future offices.

”The communication agency KAN has helped us with our marketing through a retainer setup since last year. It has worked just fine, but System Verification is a large and growing organisation. We’ve seen a need for a role that can function as a natural link between internal stakeholders and the agency. And at the same time, we’ve also changed our way of working, as we’re now focusing more on digital channels and inbound marketing on a global market. I’m convinced that Sabina will be perfect here. She has loads of digital experience and an agency background. Furthermore, she has hit the ground running here, and already proved she is more than up to the task,” says Erik Björhäll, Group CEO.

”If feels incredibly exciting! The position fits me like a glove. I’ve worked with digital analyses, website optimisation and target definitions to create results online for many years. I bring my knowledge into System Verification, as we now move from more traditional marketing to inbound marketing. We’ll make sure we follow the journey of potential clients and candidates, so we can fine-tune it to find the best ways to become even more relevant to the world around us,” says Sabina Engdahl.

With a background in the world of sports – handball, to be specific – Sabina is just like System Verification: she values teamwork.

Sabina Engdahl, Group Chief Digital Marketing Officer

“I’d heard a lot about our strong company culture before I started. And I can certainly say that my expectations have been exceeded. From day one. The family feel, the warmth, the curiosity, the will to share and collaborate … this is a place where we achieve things together. It feels great to be a part of the System Verification journey.”

Sabina Engdahl assumed her position as Group Chief Digital Marketing Officer on 1 June 2021.

Jonas Gyllenspetz COO

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System Verification opened up in Germany in 2018. Last year, we established our first Polish office. Given that the world was fighting a pandemic, some would call such a venture brave. Others may label it foolhardy. So what happened? Group Chief Growth Officer Jonas Gyllenspetz is responsible for our international expansion. He gives us the full rundown of what has turned out to be quite a success story.

Erik Björhäll CEO System Verification

Deliveries without borders

The pandemic has put a halt to both international and domestic travel. But the fact that so many of us have turned our homes into our workplaces has also reduced the importance of geography. It may sound like a contradiction, but as the concept of distance delivery has exploded, the world has in many ways become smaller. In short, that means System Verification’s market is growing.

Agneta Larsson new executive vice president of System Verification

Agneta Larsson appointed as Executive Vice President of System Verification

The board of directors appoint Agneta Larsson as Executive Vice President of the System Verification group. Agneta has worked for the company since 2012. She is the current Group CFO, a position she will continue to hold, in parallel to her new role as Executive Vice President.