Primary school students visited the HQ

When a group of Bosnian language students from Malmö came across an article about when Hamdija Jusufagic, System Verification’s founder, and of Bosnian descent, was awarded the 2017 Pioneer Prize in Sweden, their interest to know more about Hamdija and his company awoke. So on May the 9th the students were welcomed to our headquarters in Malmö for a study visit.

Study visit at System Verification

The study visit began with some cinnamon buns in our café…

Hamdija is telling his inspiring story towards becoming an entrepreneur

Lotta and Hamdija handing out some goodie bags

Thank you for visiting us! We hope this day has inspired you to follow your passion and work hard to fulfill your dreams.

Study visit at System Verification

… followed by an introduction about our company by Hamdija Jusufagic

Three future QA engineers?

No visit is complete without meeting Pepper

My students were completely fascinated. The first thing they said when we went out through the door was: “What person, this was really good!”.

Almira Harbas, Native Language Teacher, Malmö Stad


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