The next generation of Test Automation Engineers

Test Automation is on everyone’s lips at the moment. It is not only demanded by companies, it is also something many testers wish to specialize in. But it requires a lot of practice to become proficient. Therefore, we have created the education concept Test Star, that enables our employees to gradually immerse in the subject.

Piotr Nestorow, Senior Test Automation Engineer at System Verification, is one of the initiators behind the new education concept Test Star. Together with his colleague Semsudin Sefić, he has designed a setup that allows a deeper understanding and thus more proficient skills.

“Many testers who want to advance in their careers are interested in Test Automation, but it requires you to improve your programming and that you are prepared to spend a lot of time practicing. Test Star is an initiative that allows you to progressively improve your Test Automation skills,” says Piotr Nestorow.

Four clear steps

The concept of Test Star is based on four clear steps where the participants on a long-term basis advance from Candidate, Adept, Expert to Master. Each step contains defined skills requirements that can be achieved through attending courses and workshops, own studies and practicing in Gitlab or customer projects. System Verification has created an area in Gitlab where the whole concept is presented, and where the participants easily can follow the education plan.

The courses that are included in the concept are Object Oriented Programming, Test Automation, Load Testing of Web Applications and Continuous Integration, and they are being held by Senior Consultants at System Verification. Between the courses, participants are expected to practice together in various projects.

“The basic idea is that the participants should remain active through all steps. They are also expected to suggest new practicing projects, give feedback on and improve others’ projects, and provide suggestions on how we further can improve the Test Star concept,” says Piotr Nestorow.


Test Automation Test Stars at System Verification

Test Star participants with Šemsudin Sefić to the left and Piotr Nestorow in the middle.

A successful pilot project

Sabaheta Ferizović and Sabina Džino are two of the participants. They had only basic knowledge in programming to begin, and have climbed the knowledge ladder during Test Star.

“Before starting the course, I had no experience in Test Automation. After completing the course I got enough knowledge to start working with Test Automation on my own, and that is great success,” says Sabaheta Ferizović.

Sabina Džino supports the idea of a flexible concept to gain more profound knowledge and practical skills.

“The many available courses give us the opportunity to discover all possibilities within Test Automation. That way, we can see what best suits our interests and careers,” she says.

So far, Test Star is a pilot project that is being run with six participants from System Verification’s team in Sarajevo. The response has been all positive and eventually Test Star will be available for everyone in the company, who is interested and willing to invest their time to participate.

“The interest in Test Automation is growing among our customers, so we are looking forward to be able to offer many more highly skilled Test Automation Engineers in the future,” says Piotr Nestorow.


Test Automation Houda Doussi QA

Rising stars within test automation

At her first job, Houda Doussi never got the opportunity to try her wings within test automation. At System Verification, we support employees who want to become technical specialists. Houda Doussi is now part of our training concept Test Star.