New inspiration in Las Vegas

Our 20 colleagues are back from Las Vegas after an eventful and inspiring week attending AWS re:Invent. “It was hands down the best conference I have ever been to,” says Mathias Persson, Delivery Manager.

On the 26 to 30 of November AWS re:Invent 2018 took place in Las Vegas and a group of around 20 people from System Verification were there to be inspired and challenged, and get the latest insights about cloud opportunities. We asked Mathias Persson, Delivery Manager, to summarize some highlights from the trip:

“We have returned home with tons of new thoughts, business relationships and ideas to new services we want to look deeper into. I was really impressed by all of the new services that were released during re:Invent. I especially liked the idea of adding a Machine Learning category to the AWS marketplace, which will allow for new business opportunities.”

Mathias Persson is also mentioning the launch of Amazon’s AI cars, AWS DeepRacer:

Another cool thing was the gamification approach they took on Reinforcement Learning by releasing AWS DeepRacer. These AI cars are not only fun toys to play around with, Amazon has also initiated a global AI cars competition, where developers get the chance to compete in the Championship Cup at AWS re:Invent 2019. Last but not least, as a fairly new employee, this trip was a great opportunity to get to know my colleagues at System Verification better. We had a tight schedule but we made sure to set aside some time for doing fun activities together, like hiking, exploring the city and eating dinner together. This year we were about 20 people, this says quite a lot about our company culture and how we invest in professional development.”

System Verification looks forward to sharing all new thoughts and experiences with their clients.

Ready to attend the first summits of the day.

Launch of Amazon’s exciting AI race cars called AWS DeepRacer.

AWS re:invent 2018 in Las Vegas

Workshops and networking with peers from all over the world.

AWS re:Invent Las Vegas 2018

Heading into the desert.


Impressive hall! Summit about AI.

AWS re:invent 2018 in Las Vegas

The keynote session with Terry Wise, VP Global Alliances at Amazon.

AWS re:invent 2018 in Las Vegas

Out and about in Las Vegas.

Last evening dinner together.