Meet Karol Mioduszewski – new Managing Director of System Verification Poland

Our workforce in Warsaw, Poland, has grown fast. And as new Managing Director Karol Mioduszewski sees it, this is just the start.

Karol Mioduszewski started at System Verification in May. Although new at the job, his experience is long and deep.

“My background is technical. I have worked for pharmaceutical companies, but my career started in the telecom sector. When I started to look for a new challenge in another line of business, I came across software testing and found it really interesting. So that is basically how I got into this line of work.”

And now, Karol has been working in the field of Quality Assurance for 15 years.

“Over the last six years I have developed my leadership skills as a sales manager for a Polish company. But I have basically gone through all roles within QA. I started as a manual tester, I have worked with test automation, performance testing, security, test management, project management, release management … and at some point in time, I became responsible for sale activities and marketing. QA always will be close to my heart. That was an important aspect of me coming to System Verification – I wanted to work at a company where QA is the major business area. And now, I can combine all my experiences here.“


The availability of highly skilled IT expertise means that many big companies choose to set up business in Poland. The Polish operations currently employ about 30 people. About half of them deliver services to customers abroad, while the other half are engaged in Poland-based projects – so there is a substantial local market. The possibilities to scale up fast are excellent too. For example, when a Swedish customer within the financial sector recently needed more capacity, System Verification were able to quickly help by engaging ten new consultants.

“Before the pandemic, relocation was usually needed when working for a customer in another European country. But now, thanks to remote work, we can deliver from Poland without any additional obstacles,” says Karol.

Following the decision to establish a Polish branch, the office in Warsaw opened 1 March 2020. Then came the pandemic. Some would probably have paused things there and then, but System Verification opted to invest for the long term. The Warsaw office had an HR Manager from day one, and the first year was very much about building relations with candidates and clients.

“We are still in an incubation phase. So now, we need to build scale.”

One challenge is the situation on the job market. A lot of companies compete for the same type of talent.

“Right now, skilled people have a lot of options. So if you as a company lack a good Employee Value Proposition, you will probably have problems attracting the right people. But we offer nice career paths, the possibility to work with new technologies, a friendly culture … plus the excitement of being part of a growing company with great plans for the Polish operations. In the long term, we aim to scale up with packaged services, where our people serve international clients together with colleagues from the other System Verification offices.”

Continued growth to serve an expanding customer base – that is number one on Karol’s agenda. He also sees great potential when it comes to building teams of specialists.

“Again, here in Poland, we have plenty of people with a high level of IT skills. According to HackerRank*, Polish programmers would be on the podium in the Olympic Games of software development – they rank us 3rd in the world. So a DevOps Competence Center and cloud engineers – I believe the demand will grow all over Europe and we have talented and experienced people in those areas. I also think we can build a team that implements our test automation frameworks and tailor them to the special needs of our customers.”

The sky’s the limit?

“Well, we can also do performance testing and monitoring, and cyber security services … the concept of ‘working from anywhere’ isn’t new here in Poland, but more and more countries are now embracing it and making it standard procedure. And the needs are the same all over the world. So we can serve not only European clients, but also global customers. So yes, we plan for growth.”

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