Meet Kadira – CEO of System Verification Bosnia

Kadira Šubo has been working for System Verification, Bosnia, for almost ten years now. Having experience working with System Verification from the very beginning of its growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she gained extensive experience and grew together with the company.

“System Verification was my first Employer. I have gained some working experience through the faculty and some internship programs, but my very first full-time job has been within System Verification. My background stands in Electrical Engineering, in the department of Telecommunication. When I got the opportunity to learn more about the QA field, I knew that I would continue my development within this area.”

Ten years ago, Kadira has heard about the company from a friend. It had been advertised at the faculty of Electrical Engineering, and many of her colleagues applied for the job. Even though she has been in the recruitment process with another IT company, Kadira has chosen System Verification, and ten years from then, she is still with us.  

“I started my career as a Test Engineer. A few years later. I got an opportunity to overtake more responsibility and to lead a team while still working on the projects. With the company growing rapidly during that period, new possibilities emerged, and my contribution to the company has been recognized. With the role of Office Manager/Consultant Manager, I have been, together with our CEO, responsible for complete delivery from the Sarajevo office, but also for the professional development of our employees together with recruiting new talents.”

A lot had happened during these years. In the beginning, the company was a start-up here in Bosnia, and with that in mind, in order to gain clients’ trust, you truly must show yourself. The growth of the company was systematic, gaining new clients, and projects were a part of the process, followed by new benefits and different ways of improving employee satisfaction and development.  

“I remember when Hamdija, founder of System Verification, came to visit us in Sarajevo for the first time with the intent of sharing his vision about a company that will cherish the same values as the company in Sweden. It was hard to believe that something like that can be established here. But now, we are there, and continuously moving forward! We managed to create a company that offers both a progressive and healthy work environment to our employees, together with building such a great team of skilled professionals that can fulfill the QA needs any customer could have.”

The Bosnian office now counts more than 60 professionals, but the growth of the team does not stop there. Within extensive planning for the following year, our idea is to grow the company and enrich it with more valuable team members through different projects. With this in mind, we are looking at the future of System Verification in Bosnia, as one of the leading companies in the QA industry. 

As of this month, Kadira has taken the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Bosnian office, with the idea to continue the growth and development, and take it to a higher level.  

“My plan is to continue with the development of the Bosnia organization in cooperation with my management team and all of my great colleagues working closely with our other regions. We are well-established as a QA service provider, but my plan is to grow even more and be recognized as the market leader within the QA industry, not only in Sweden but also here in Bosnia.”

Next year, we will celebrate 10 years of System Verification in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From a start-up to a recognized company in the QA industry, we have accomplished so much, building a healthy and positive environment for our employees, and bringing our customer satisfaction to a higher point. We are proud of where we are today, and we are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that will emerge in the following years. 

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