Living the spirit in Sarajevo

This year our Sarajevo office celebrates 5 years. The team started off with only four members, who made such a great impact on Swedish customers that we soon had to speed up the recruitment. Today more than 30 people live the spirit of System Verification!

Kadira Subo, Office Manager, Fatima Osmanbegovic, Test Engineer and Zijad Alic, Test Engineer/IT Support Manager, were among the first employed. At that time we did not have any office yet, so the interviews were held at a hotel in the city center. What was their first impression of System Verification, what do they remember from the first period and what do they appreciate about the Swedish working culture? Let’s have a talk with them!


What do you remember from your first time at System Verification?

Zijad: “I remember an impressive drive from the management. I had my first interview at Hotel Avaz in Sarajevo and the same afternoon they called me again and wanted to meet with me at dinner. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to visit the headquarters in Malmö in Sweden, and when I came back home we were already five people in the team.”

Kadira: “On my first interview with Jonas Gyllenspetz he asked me “Where do you see yourself in five years if you get the job at System Verification?“ and I remember saying that I hopefully had made a great progress in my career at System Verification, and that is exactly what happened.”

What were your expectations on System Verification? Have they been met?

Fatima: “Directly when I saw the job ad I told my best friend: “I will work in this company”. It started with a joke, but it came out as a truth! I really liked the core values of the company and the goals that are set up for Sarajevo office. I knew that one day it will be a big story and I wanted to be a part of it. I am very proud that we are getting better and bigger each day.”

Kadira: “When I decided to apply for the job I read about the company, and the values and goals that were presented aligned with the values I was looking for. After 5 years I can say that most of my expectations have been completely fulfilled.”



System Verification has gone from an unknown company to one of the most desirable employers in the Quality Assurance sector in Bosnia.

– Kadira Subu, Office Manager

What do you appreciate the most about working at System Verification?

Zijad: “Definitely the familiar atmosphere. People are very committed to the company’s vision and goals, and ready to help each other and take responsibility so that the goals can be achieved. And secondly, I value the company’s approach towards the employees. Everyone is appreciated and encouraged to get involved in the company’s development. The boss is not someone “above our heads”, but gives each individual freedom with responsibility.”

Fatima: “Our company culture and friendly environment. I like that we keep the small family feeling where we take care of each other. I think Bosnia can learn a lot from the Swedish working culture.”

Kadira: “I totally agree. System Verification treats their employees with respect and try to meet their expectations. It would be good if our government and other companies learned from the Swedish leadership culture and implemented it in their work.”

What do you think about the future for System Verification in Bosnia?

Zijad: “I think we have a very bright future. You can just look at the numbers that speak for themselves, and if we take the whole company approach, it is even more respectable.”

Fatima: “These five years have been a big journey for us in every point of view. We have grown, we have learned, we have built, and here we are both better and stronger! I have no doubt that this successful journey will continue.”

Kadira: “I totally agree. System Verification has gone from an unknown company to one of the most desirable employers in the Quality Assurance sector in Bosnia.”


Charity project in Bosnia

In 2014, System Verification donated 15 brand new DELL computers and a projector to a school in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The charity project has been planned for a long time and was a much appreciated donation. The children will now have even better educational conditions to face the future.

System Verification Internship

Kick-start to a professional life

An internship is not only fun and rewarding, it also gives the students a head start when it’s time for them to look for jobs and begin their careers. In July, System Verification launched a new internship in Sarajevo. An opportunity that can lead to future employments. Meet our interns Dalila, Emina, Medzida and Armin!

Career within Quality Assurance

The best things about working at System Verification

Every year we conduct a survey among our employees to understand what they think about working here. What areas stand out? We went into the survey and found that 3 areas are particularly appreciated: Company culture, Image and Leadership. All of them score over 90%.