Learning from the best

We firmly believe that knowledge sharing is outstanding to keep empowered, learn from mistakes and get inspired to new ideas. That is why we have created the concept System Gathering, where our employees can meet and learn from the best. “This is the ultimate way to learn,” says Rana Alsafi.

Testing is a work of art, which requires a great deal of sensitivity that can only be obtained from experience. Experiences are personal, but there is a lot of learning that can be derived from them as well. At System Verification we have many experienced consultants who have encountered various challenges in different contexts. During the System Gatherings they get the opportunity to meet and discuss a pre-decided topic and share their own experiences with each other. Magnus C. Ohlsson, Test Strategist at System Verification, is one of the initiators and coordinator for the gatherings.

“We have been executing System Gatherings since spring 2017 and it has been highly appreciated among our employees. The idea emerged when an employee requested an Acceptance Test course, and instead of attending an external course we thought it would be more efficient to learn from own colleagues who are experienced Acceptance Testers,” says Magnus C. Ohlsson.

DISCUSSING hot topics

The System Gatherings are being held approximately once a month at our offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. The attendees have previously discussed topics such as valuable test metrics, testing in an agile development and behavioral driven design and testing.

“We either sit in one group or divide into a few smaller groups and discuss certain questions, where a good dialogue and reflection is the core. The advantage of our gatherings is that we can quickly raise interesting questions, which enables us to be attentive and much more flexible. It is also a great way to meet and socialize with colleagues that are based at other assignments,” says Magnus C. Ohlsson.

At our latest System Gathering, which was held in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg in the end of September, the participants dug into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Neural Network (DNN) and discussed how this could be tested in the future. Rana Alsafi, Senior Test Engineer from team Malmö was one of the participants.

What do you think about OUR System GatheringS?

“At traditional courses you listen most of the time, while our meetings are based on discussions and sharing personal experiences and knowledge. I find it interesting to hear what my colleagues have encountered, it is very educational and inspirational. This was my second System Gathering, and I think this is the ultimate way to learn,” says Rana Alsafi.


The advantage of our gatherings is that we can quickly raise interesting questions, which enables us to be attentive and much more flexible.

– Dr. Magnus C. Ohlsson, Test Strategist.


Rana Alsafi Senior Test Engineer System Verification

Rana Alsafi, Senior Test Engineer at System Verification at a System Gathering about AI, ML and DNN.

What have you learned at our latest System Gathering session?

“AI is a rather new area to me and even though I’m not currently working with it, it is important for me to keep updated. It has been a really interesting day and I feel that it has given me a solid ground to stand on. I have got many new ideas that I will keep in mind for the future,” says Rana Alsafi.

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