Kids, sports and fireworks!

This year Sarajevo is hosting European Youth Olympic Winter Festival where youth from 46 countries are competing in winter disciplines. System Verification and Ruku na Srce surprised 16 children and brought them to view the grand opening ceremony. How wonderful to see the joy in the children’s eyes!

The European Youth Olympic Winter Festival (EYOF) is held from February 10 to 15th and it is an event that children in Sarajevo have been talking about for months. Therefore, we decided, together with Ruku na Srce, to give a group of disadvantaged children the chance to experience this amazing event.

The evening at the great City Stadium started with the children getting backpacks and enjoying some sweets and drinks. Then the children got to experience the EYOF opening ceremony with impressive shows and fireworks.

“I’m so happy I got to spend this day with the children. I could tell that they really enjoyed it and will certainly be a memory for life,” says Minja Miladinovic, Test Engineer at System Verification.

The humanitarian organization Ruku na srce is gathering thousands of students from the University of Sarajevo to help and to bring joy to disadvantaged children and families through different projects. One of these projects is to let children practice Taekwondo, which helps to strengthen their self-esteem. System Verification is supporting this initiative.