ISTQB course gathered students with a thirst for knowledge

During three days, February 16th-18th, System Verification held a free ISTQB foundation course for engineer students in Sarajevo. The students got the opportunity to learn the fundamentals to get started in the field of quality assurance.

The basics of Quality assurance

The participants, who are all current or newly graduated Bachelor or Master students in Telecommunications, Computer Sciences, Automation or Electric Power Engineering from universities around Sarajevo, gathered in our Sarajevo office during the weekend to gain a basic understanding of quality assurance.

The ISTQB Foundation course is based on a combination of instructor-led explanatory sessions, discussions and practical exercises and was free of charge for the students. In a few weeks’ time the students will be able to take a voluntary examination in which those who passes will be awarded a very desirable ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing.

The course was held by System Verification’s own Karolina Mileros, Test Manager with assistance from Samra Kalem, Test Automation Engineer.

“We are really proud to be able to offer this course to students. It is a tremendous opportunity for them to learn more, and naturally we hope that they will choose a career in quality assurance,” says Karolina Mileros.

Helping students as well as community

This is the second year in a row that System Verification is offering the free ISTQB Foundation course to students.

By offering this course we are hoping to raise interest in quality assurance and to find great candidates to recrute. Furthermore, by providing additional educational courses we are helping development in Bosnia & Herzegovina in this fast-growing field.

I can definitely see myself working within quality assurance in the future. I am ready to put all what I have learned into practice now!

Hello Lejla Mekic!

Lejla Mekic, who is in her last semester at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sarajevo Telecommunication Department, was one of the course participants.

Why did you apply for this course?
“I am in my last semester at university and have started to look for jobs and when I saw this course I thought it would be a great base to start from. I study telecommunications and have learnt a lot about quality of services and experiences and I thought it would be great to learn about quality assurance from a software point of view as well.”

What have you appreciated the most about this course?
“The lectures have been great and interesting. Furthermore, we have had many laughs and I have been able to practice my English. I found the review and static analysis techniques especially appealing.”

What is your goal after graduation?
“I can definitely see myself working within quality assurance in the future. I am ready to put all what I have learned into practice now!”

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