“I love the variety of challenges”

During her ten years in the company, Marie Nilsson has certainly kept herself busy. She has accomplished ten assignments at ten different companies and in six different industries. And according to Marie, the great variety is one of the best things about being a consultant.

Marie Nilsson and System Verification’s paths crossed already in 2006, when newly graduated Marie was working as Tester at Sony Ericsson.

“There were many consultants from System Verification while I was working at Sony Ericsson. System Verification was already back then a leading company within Quality Assurance and I got the impression that it was a great company, that genuinely cared for their employees.”

In September 2008 Marie joined System Verification and thus celebrates ten years in the company this year.

Ten years – ten assignments

During Marie’s ten years in the company, she has accomplished ten assignments at ten different companies within the Bank & Finance, Manufacturing, Security, Retail, Telecom & IT and Energy industries. Some assignments have lasted for a couple of years, while others just a few months.

“I really appreciate that I get the chance to try different jobs and tasks. It is challenging, of course, because there is a lot you have to put yourself into when starting a new assignment, but I have learnt a lot and met many great people along the way.”

Enjoying innovative environments

“Every assignment is different and fun in its own way, but as I am passionate about development and innovation there are some projects that are extra close to my heart. Like my assignment at ADB Safegate, an innovative company that provides advanced IT solutions and services to airports all around the world. And it was cool to be working in the telecom industry when Android first was introduced.”

Turning challenges into opportunities

As a consultant you are usually confronted with different kinds of challenges when initiating an assignment, but Marie thinks it has become easier in a way over the years.

“Some companies that do not have IT as their main business tend to be more difficult to convince to invest time and money on testing. However, I feel that this has changed in recent years, perhaps thanks to the fact that we have gone from the waterfall model to a more agile way of working. Nowadays most companies listen to and appreciate us as consultants. The market has matured and understood the importance of quality because the end users demand it.”

An exciting future

Marie’s previous assignment was at IKEA and she is currently at Alfa Laval in Lund, where she works with test management and test strategies of their new global HR system.

“This is my tenth assignment and I look forward to many more exciting assignments in the future.”

I really appreciate that I get the chance to try different jobs and tasks. It is challenging, of course, but I have learnt a lot and met many great people along the way.

Marie Nilsson, TEST MANAGER AT SYSTEM VERIFICATION. Photo by Benny Jönsson, System Verification.


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