An international family with a big heart

In 2018, System Verification established their second offices abroad, in Bonn and Frankfurt. The first team members have a unique opportunity to be part of something new and promising. Celina Strietzel gives us her story of her first time at System Verification in Germany.

What is your role?

“Currently, I am studying Human Resource Management and I am employed as HR thesis worker. Part time I will support the HR department in sourcing and recruiting suitable candidates. Working in an international environment like this is a unique opportunity.”

What was your first impression?

“Already before my official start in February, I experienced System Verification as an open-minded and integrative employer. I have got the opportunity to meet colleagues from our headquarters in Malmö for lunch and dinner appointments, and also an ice-hockey game at Malmö arena. What I appreciate is that I was welcomed with arms-wide open and that everyone was interested in me, and not only my educational knowledge or skills.”

How would you describe our spirit?

“Everyone is very communicative, pro-active and highly motivated. In that context, I really appreciate to work together with people from different countries and cultures. I think this is especially important as we are all living in a world that is characterized by internationalism and multiculturalism. Like most companies, System Verification has written core values. In contrast to many other companies though, one easily experiences that those values are not only written words but lived out attitudes.”

Is there something you especially appreciate?

“The company’s commitment to bring everyone on board and to connect employees from all subsidiaries in Sweden, Bosnia and Germany. One activity is the Introduction Day that is held at the headquarters in Malmö. We got to listen to short introductions and speeches by System Verification’s Founder and Group CEO Hamdija Jusufagic, as well as representatives from the office in Sarajevo, Sales, HR and Marketing department. I enjoyed getting to know my international colleagues through team-building exercises and during breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks.”

System Verification is an international family welcoming and appreciating all the individual and diverse people working there.


Celina with Erwin Probst, CEO System Verification Germany

What is your next step?

“I will continue to work on my master thesis and to support the recruitment for the German subsidiaries in Frankfurt and Bonn. The team is growing and soon we will welcome three great QA consultants and I am pretty sure there will be many more this year. From my experiences so far, it is a great opportunity to be part of something new and to support establishing System Verification in Germany.”

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