”I learn new things every day”

Monica Boman Hammarlund is one of our excellent Team Managers. A year ago, she started her journey with us. What career opportunities has she been given and what does she appreciate with System Verification?

Monica Boman Hammarlund, a working mother of three, is a person who loves challenges. That is one of the reasons why she wanted to work at System Verification. She started as Test Manager but was recently appointed Team Manager for a big customer account within utilities in Stockholm. The work is related to many different working tasks and it suits her perfectly.

What opportunities have you got?

“It has been a very exiting first year for me, because I have got the opportunity to attend several valuable training courses such as Scrum Master and SAFe Agilist. The courses have been challenging but very useful for me in my daily work. I have also got the opportunity to broaden my domain knowledge by entering a new sector. For many years, I worked within telecom and finance, but now I dive into the utilities sector and I find it very stimulating.”

You have taken a new career step, tell us!

“Yes, absolutely. I started as Test Manager, but it didn’t take long before there was an internal vacancy as Team Manager and I applied for it. Happily, I was chosen, and I am very excited about this new challenge.”

Why do you like the role as Team Manager?

“I love working with different tasks and learning new things. When facing a challenge, I want to find solutions and I get a boost when I see everything coming together. In my new role as Team Manager, I also have the responsibility as Test Manager and I love that combination. I have experienced good leaders as well as bad ones, so I understand the importance of being a leader that listen and help people thrive.”

What is your driving force?

“I get very excited when a project succeeds when I have the responsibility as Test Manager. It is an honor and it makes me proud! At System Verification, I learn new things all the time and I develop professionally as well as personally. I try to make my job fun and stimulating, and I get good support from the management team. I am very grateful to System Verification making it possible for me to grow.”

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