Happy 1st anniversary Germany!

In the beginning of 2019, we entered the German market with the aim to grow fast. This has succeeded very well. Today the Frankfurt and Bonn offices have great teams that serve customers in the logistics, automotive, retail and financial sectors.

Erwin Probst, CEO Germany, can look back on the first year and be proud of what the teams have created together with Hamdija Jusufagic, Group CEO, Jonas Gyllenspetz, Group COO and Abdulkerim Corbo, Consultant and part owner of the German office. The establishment has required a lot of hard work and many late nights, and many reasons to celebrate.

“It has been a fantastic year where we have been able to build a stable platform for the teams to grow further in 2020. With the great work of the core team and our HR Manager Celina Strietzel we are already eleven people who are sharing the same values of professionalism, respect and diversity, and who are committed to win more customers’ trust in the coming year,” says Erwin Probst.

What are you most proud of?

“The team where all members contribute to a harmonious atmosphere, help each other and have a positive attitude. Worth mentioning is that we are already six different nationalities, which is very stimulating. We have an international working environment.”

The journey in Germany started at high pace and with high ambitions, and the team succeeded to pass every goal along the road.

“We learned a lot about persistence to achieve our goals, especially when it comes to sales of complex services and software licenses. We kept high energy level, and suddenly we broke through. Today we serve more than eight customers in the logistics, automotive, retail and financial sector.”

Quality monitoring gains attention

In Germany, System Verification works primarily together with customers in the logistics, telecommunications, financial, automotive sectors. In addition to test engineering experts, the team comprises people who are specialized in test automation, test management, quality monitoring and analytics. The service Software Intelligence based on the AI tool CodeScene gains more and more attention among the German customers.

“Software Intelligence will be one of our focuses in 2020, the word is spreading about its efficiency to find hidden risks in your software and predict the future. It is a very powerful service,” says Erwin Probst.

Abdulkerim Corbo was the first member to join the team in Germany. He already knew about System Verification from his first job at the company in Sarajevo, and when he heard about System Verification’s plans to establish in Germany, he wanted to be part of the journey.

Why did you want to join System Verification?

“The company culture is very attractive, and what I appreciate the most is the openness and the access to colleagues all over the world, whether you need contact with someone on C level to discuss recruitment and staffing strategies or contacting other consultants to discuss the newest trends in test automation,” he says.

How would you describe the company?

“As a big techy family. I know it sounds like a common cliché, but this is the feeling every colleague gets during the first couple of months working with us.”

Consultant Wouter van Os, HR Manager Celina Strietzel, CEO Germany Erwin Probst and consultant Aleksey Kuzmin.

What do you think about the future for System Verification in Germany?

“Based on the current strategy for the German market, I am confident that the future is extremely bright. We believe that German customers are becoming more open to new modern technical solutions to their problems and are willing to adapt test automation solutions integrated in CI/CD pipelines. Of course, driving such strategies is not possible without high quality test managers and experienced manual and automation test engineers. Therefore, looking at our current team and needs of current and future customers, we are 100% ready to work on improving the digital future of Germany.”

Aleksey Kuzmin, Test Automation Engineer, remembers his first contact with System Verification as a very positive and almost surprising experience.

“I met Hamdija Jusufagic and Jonas Gyllenspetz in an interview, and they made me feel so comfortable that I almost forgot that I was talking to superiors, and the introduction day at the headquarters was awesome. You could immediately feel the welcoming and friendly culture, but also the focus on professionalism.”

How would you describe System Verification?

“It is a visionary company where people are very cooperative. Everybody is focused on developing the best way to get the best quality and meet our customers’ expectations.”

What were your expectations on the company, and have they been met?

“My expectations were a nice coworking atmosphere, cooperative superior behavior and a long-term perspective on my professional and personal development. All those expectations have been met, System Verification doesn’t just talk, they walk the talk!”

Interested in joining System Verification Germany?

Erwin Probst CEO System Verification Germany

A good start in Germany

Our two new offices in Bonn and Frankfurt are up and running, and Erwin Probst, Managing Director, does not have any problem to fill his agenda. What makes him believe in System Verification, and what is top priority? We had a small talk with him over a cup of coffee.

Erwin Probst Celina Strietzel Bonn Frankfurt Germany

An international family with a big heart

In 2018, System Verification established their second offices abroad, in Bonn and Frankfurt. The first team members have a unique opportunity to be part of something new and promising. Celina Strietzel gives us her story of her first time at System Verification in Germany.

Career within Quality Assurance

The best things about working at System Verification

Every year we conduct a survey among our employees to understand what they think about working here. What areas stand out? We went into the survey and found that 3 areas are particularly appreciated: Company culture, Image and Leadership. All of them score over 90%.