Greenhouse – Learning by doing

A group of fresh engineers have been introduced to the field of QA through our Greenhouse program. Today, they’re doing application testing at energy provider Vattenfall.

Our Greenhouse program is, in short, a joint commitment between us and a customer. We recruit recently graduated engineers, eager to enter the job market and to work in “real” IT projects within the quality assurance field. We offer mentorship and provide the new recruits with a training package that is tailormade to the customer’s business and needs. For the customer, it is a great way to attract new talent.

A Greenhouse program is now in full swing at energy provider Vattenfall’s head office in Stockholm. A group of engineers have been enrolled in the program and are now busy in client projects, securing software quality. One of the engineers is Patrick Engström Roxendal.

“I have a master in energy and environmental engineering, so working for an energy company feels just right. I hadn’t actually planned for a career within QA, but System Verification’s company culture really appealed to me – it’s a perfect match with my own values,” says Patrick.

One of his Greenhouse colleagues is Goran Jouma. He feels that the program has met, or even exceeded, his expectations.

“It has been both instructive and fun. We started with an introductory period, and since a few months back I’m doing testing of an application that is currently in development. On top of that, we’ve taken a variety of courses within QA and management. 20% of the program is education,” he says.

Anyone who has started a new job knows it is challenging. Routines, processes, communication routes, formal and informal dos and don’ts … there’s a lot to take in, and a lot of people to get to know. Dimitrios Tsantaridis is the third member of the Greenhouse group, and he is pleased with the welcome the team has received.

“The support has been great! Being new, you’re bound to come across issues you’re not sure how to solve. Fortunately, the System Verification team is very helpful and supportive.”

Monica Boman Hammarlund works as a Team Manager for the System Verification team at Vattenfall:

“A good introduction is beneficiary for all – the Greenhouse guys, System Verification and the client, who can rely on System Verification for all on-boarding activities and training within the QA-area. It’s simply a perfect setup for all parties to secure long term relationships and competence,” she says.

Four questions to goran, dimitrios and patrick:

How did you first come in contact with System Verification and the Greenhouse program?

Goran: A relative had seen the ad for the job and sent me a text message – “check this out, I think you’d be interested”. I liked what I read about System Verification and applied.
Dimitrios: I found the job ad on LinkedIn and applied instantly.
Patrick: I saw a job ad at, and it seemed like a good way to kickstart my career.

From the left: Dimitrios Tsantaridis, Goran Jouma and Patrick Engström-Roxendal.

What tasks are included in your assignment?

Goran: My tasks are mainly to perform different types of tests. I also write test cases and do documentation. Next step for me is to start writing automation codes.
Dimitrios: My main focus is testing. And I have also been involved in project management and various administrative tasks.
Patrick: I’m now working as a Scrum Master, coaching the team in Scrum methodology. My other tasks are to design, plan and perform test cases to ensure software quality.

What have you enjoyed most so far?

Goran: How my colleagues and managers have welcomed and helped me. I’ve enjoyed the courses. They have helped me grow professionally. I also like testing and making contributions to a product under development.
Dimitrios: My fantastic colleagues. They make me enjoy going to work every day.
Patrick: It’s exciting with all the responsibilities I have been given right from the start. Being fresh out of school, you don’t have a lot of experience of day-to-day work. I’ve quickly come to realize demands are high. At the same time, my colleagues have given me time and space to learn. It is a good and challenging mix!

What do you think the Greenhouse program will mean to your future career?

Goran: It will mean a lot. It has given me experience and the foundation I need to work as a QA engineer. I believe I’ll have a wide array of QA assignments to choose from in the future.
Dimitrios: The Greenhouse program builds and develops my skills within QA. It is always difficult to predict the future, but I already now feel I’ve had a good start to my working life.
Patrick: I think it will do a lot of good. I get to constantly challenge myself, and the things I learn here will be useful all throughout my career.

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