A good start in Germany

Our two new offices in Bonn and Frankfurt are up and running, and Erwin Probst, Managing Director, does not have any problem to fill his agenda. What makes him believe in System Verification, and what is top priority? We had a small talk with him over a cup of coffee.

Erwin Probst has been in the IT business since the late 80s and during that time he learned a lot from working in large global companies where structure and processes were dominating, but the possibilities to influence were very limited. Eventually he left the big ships and entered the burgeoning IT business. There he had the opportunity to experience the crazy growth of IT companies, the wonderful entrepreneurial spirit and the power of small teams working together. At System Verification he is lucky to have the best of both worlds.

“System Verification has succeeded in keeping a culture characterized by high energy, openness and innovative thinking through the years of growing. Another characteristic is their professionalism. I was very impressed by the people at the very first meeting, and I felt that we share the same values,” says Erwin Probst.

System Verification’s entities in Bonn and Frankfurt will offer the same range of QA services as in other regions in Sweden. The fact that System Verification has been in the QA business for seventeen years and elaborated a clear and undisputed niche position, constitutes a favorable starting point.

“The QA niche is a competitive advantage and it makes us without doubt an interesting business partner,” says Erwin Probst.

What makes System Verification stand out on the German market?

“What stands out is definitely our approach to use AI in the offering. In the Bonn and Frankfurt regions we have many large companies with complex software, for example in the finance, telecommunication and automotive sectors, and their demand for smarter Quality Assurance methods that add value to their business is high. The AI tool that we are using in combination with advanced human expertise is outstanding. No matter how big the codebase is, we can monitor the client’s software, find hidden risks and reveal possibilities within minutes. The customer gets clear and actionable recommendations. Increasing efficiency and saving money is of course very attractive.”


What is on top your agenda right now?

“We are working on various fronts at the same time. We establish contacts with purchase departments and we meet with people in our network who show high interest in System Verification. At the same time, we take care of the many job applications that reach us, and we meet people for interviews. Soon we are a team of five people, and we aim to be about fifteen at the end of 2019.”

What kind of team members are you looking for?

“First and foremost, we are looking for people who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and contribute to putting System Verification on the map of Germany. The first consultants on board will have the opportunity to develop on a personal level as well as get a new kind of challenge added to their professional career. We are working as a team, so I am very much looking forward to building our German business together.”

Do you want to get in contact with Erwin Probst? Send an email or give him a call at +49 151 53 13 46 49.