Fun with friends from all over the world

Once a year, we arrange a big conference for the whole company. Why? Because it bonds us together, gives us opportunities to dig deeper into Quality Assurance and of course, it is awesome fun! Imagine 200 people gathering to boost the System Verification spirit, wow!

At System Verification we are from all over the world – Argentina, Vietnam, France, Iraq, Poland, Bosnia, and Italy, just to mention a few, and we are at different ages and have many different life styles. We value diversity! It contributes to a dynamic working environment, where we constantly learn from each other. This year we passed 200 people, spread across our five offices in Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Sarajevo, and we hope for many more in the years to come.

As we grow, and new offices are being established in both Sweden and abroad, it has become particularly important to work to maintain our strong company culture and core values. Therefore, we arrange a big conference at an exciting destination once a year for the whole company. We do not do this only because it is a chance for us to meet and to get to know one another better, but it is also a great opportunity to share valuable knowledge and experiences between each other.

We usually spend a little extra to create an amazing weekend! The program is filled with interesting and unexpected speakers from all over the world, workshops and fun team activities to strengthen our relations. Last trip went to Sarajevo, where we have an office. We learnt about the country and had a lot of fun at the Bosnian barbecue. Previous years we have been to Dubai, Berlin and Split, just to mention a few. Let’s see where we end up next year!

Enjoy some picture from our three most recent conferences in Zell am See, Båstad and Sarajevo!

Nice 2019

Playing pétanque in a genuine French village was a new experience!

Photographer: Benny Jönsson

Big applause when companies and partners from our ecosystem presented themselves.

Peter Caron, strategist and CTO from Berlin, was one of the appreciated speakers.

Sarajevo 2018

Aslam Khan, Nyari Samushonga and Chris Baker from Foldleft

Chris Baker, Nyari Samushonga and Aslam Khan from FoldLeft flew directly from South Africa.

Photographers: Benny Jönsson, Marco Rimola and Gari Malkoc.

This adventurous gang went rafting. Other activities were hiking, quad and mountain biking.

Workshop in Sarajevo

Workshop discussions with a view! The hotel was located in the gorgeous Bosnian mountains.

Båstad 2017

Mats Ekstrand and Hamdija Jusufagic in Båstad 2017

Mats Ekstrand, IT Director at Region Skåne with Hamdija Jusufagic, Group CEO and Founder at System Verification.

Photographers: Benny Jönsson, Marco Rimola and Martin Landhammar.

System Verification 15 years Gala in Båstad 2017

We celebrated System Verification’s 15 years jubilee with a fancy dinner and fireworks.

Rigid-inflatable boat Båstad

Ready for a ride on the rigid inflatable boat!

Zell am See 2016

Mini iron man in Zell am See

Ready… set… go! The mini Iron Man tournament in the breathtaking Austrian nature was a cool experience.

Pierre Schori at System Verification's conference in Zell am See 2016

Pierre Schori, politician and diplomat, held an inspirational speech about his career and the value of values.

Walk in Zell am See System Verification

Strolling along the beautiful Lake Zell.

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