“We consider the bigger picture”

What is the significance of System Verification’s vision and what is System Verification’s role in digital life? Hamdija Jusufagic, Group CEO and Founder of System Verification, tell us about what he sees as System Verification’s role today and in the future.

What does Improving Digital Life signify?

“It means that we consider the big picture, and that we want to contribute to ensuring that the products and services on the market really do serve people in the best possible way. In healthcare, for example, and industry, as well as in our homes and lives in general. We want to be the independent supplier of innovative quality assurance, from code and processes to complete systems, so clients can fulfil their goals and users are satisfied. From an innovation perspective, this can be about helping a client to use existing data to its full potential. Analysis and validation of big data is increasingly important.”

What do you consider to be the biggest challenges for companies right now?

”Many companies – and public institutions – are looking for answers in existing structures. My view is that they need to dare to think differently, and distinguish between what they have and what is new. It’s important to let new technology and ideas breathe life into established systems and ways of doing things. They have to be willing to step outside their comfort zone and begin cooperating with other actors, from startups to universities to government. Multidisciplinary collaboration is the driving force for innovation.

In addition, business leaders must be willing to develop their own digital knowledge and not just pass the questions on to the IT department. They need to be up to date on current research, learn from the examples set by successful companies, take the discussions that are needed, and dare to make risky decisions. All too many companies have suffered the consequences when brash newcomers like Spotify, Über and Airbnb have won over their customers. These kinds of upstart innovations are now moving into sectors such as healthcare, retail and education. Examples of courageous decisions can be to test new solutions that in time can become direct competition for the current business.

Another challenge is the driving forces behind many companies, where profit and growth are the sole engines pushing things forward. Both owners and leadership need to increase their understanding of the digital transformation, the restructuring and investments that are required, and make sure that the company has the right conditions to succeed.

What is System Verification’s role here?

“Both the public and private sector need an external partner that can help them navigate the digital transformation that they are experiencing or are facing. We like to see the big picture, understand the digital processes that are needed to achieve clients’ goals, how they all fit together and how they should be designed. We can also help them develop innovative uses for their data, and that puts us at the forefront in initiatives such as big data, IoT and Industry 4.0. We are also the ideal partner to quality assure the client’s supplier of software, and of course to quality assure the client’s software on all levels.”

What are your three best pieces of advice for succeeding in the digital transformation?

”First, make sure that your company has the right leadership – leaders who are truly interested in the digital transformation. Second, increase your collaboration with external parties, to take advantage of specialist competence. Third, get into action – now. I guarantee that it won’t do to wait. It won’t be better tomorrow; there will sooner be more people waking up to the reality of digital transformation and wondering what just happened.”

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