Charity project in Bosnia

On February 25th in 2014, System Verification donated 15 brand new DELL computers and a projector to a school in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The charity project has been planned for a long time and was a much appreciated donation. The children will now have even better educational conditions to face the future.

It was in the beginning of 2013 that we started this charity project to donate computers to the school Osnovne škole Kozarac in Kozarac in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Social commitment is an important part of our value-system. Therefore, we give financial support to charity organisations and realize our own charity projects aiming to help children and adolescents with lack of resources to educate. The project in Bosnia-Herzegovina is our second charity project. In 2011, we donated computers to a school in Nepal.

The school Osnovne škole Kozarac.

Brand new DELL computers

The project in Bosnia-Herzegovina was carried out in close collaboration with the school and its principal Mirzet Mujčić and the teacher Amer Memic as well as the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Hamdija Jusufagic, founder and CEO of System Verification, made several journeys to the country to meet school representatives and to discuss their needs. The school is an elementary school with grades 1-9 divided into 19 classes and 335 students. The children come from Kozarac but also from the surrounding villages. Discussions ended up in a donation of 15 brand new DELL computers and a projector worth approximately 190 000 SEK which were handed over firsthand on February 25th 2014. Representatives from the Embassy of Sweden was there as well as journalists from a number of Bosnian media.

For the day of the handover of the computers, the school had prepared a lovely programme with a guided tour of the school, theatre and dance performances. In addition to the basic school subjects, they have a number of cultural activities such as theatre, dancing, poetry and choir. It was obvious that the children was used to performing! In 2015, the school has plans to start an additional music subject.

Great significance for the children

The school’s principal, Mirzet Mujčić, is very grateful for the donation and look forward to shaping even better education for the students.

“The donation means a lot to us. Now we can give the children an even better education within information technology, which has become more important all over the world. Since a few years, we organise competitions on both local and regional level within mathematics, physics and languages. This spurs the students to study.” says Mirzet Mujčić.

Children in one of the classrooms.

The choice of Bosnia-Herzegovina

The reason for this project being carried out in Bosnia-Herzegovina is that Hamdija Jusufagic, founder and CEO of System Verification, has his roots there. He has had a wish, ever since the Bosnian war during the 1990s´ to contribute to the country´s build-up. Kozarac is located in the northwest of Bosnia-Herzegovina in an area heavily affected by the conflicts of war. An estimation of inhabitants before the war is 23 000, but now, only 6000 people live in Kozarac. Their main livelihood is agriculture, but the city also has a few industries. In the past few years they have started to develop tourism. People have jobs but they live a simple life with bare resources. The school was built in 1962, but during the years of war 1992-2002 it was closed for teaching. The project of donating computers to the children’s education is a way of contributing to the re-build of their future.

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Children in Nepal

Charity project in Nepal

In 2011 System Verification carried out a charity project in Lalitpur in Nepal. A primary school received 10 new computers and got their computer room partly equipped. As one of the world’s poorest countries, the educational conditions for children are limited. The new computers will contribute to the children’s education.