Another successful year for the Summership programme in Sarajevo

Last week was the final week of the third Summership training programme in Sarajevo. It has been an amazing two months full of learning, overcoming challenges and spending quality time with colleagues.

During this period the team worked on a real-life project, for which they defined a test scope, created a test plan and executed both manual and automated test cases. From the beginning the students showed a strong will to learn and to represent themselves in the best possible way. Now, after two months, a tremendous progress can be seen in their technical and soft skill sets. We are very proud to have met these amazing people and to be a part of the first steps into their professional careers.

So what did the Summership interns have to say about their experience?

Amar Halilovic

“The Summership 2020 was a great opportunity to learn more, gain experience and find out what a perfect company looks like.”

Arnela Gutlic

“As a one of the remote interns I had one more challenge and one more fear about what the Summership woukdl look like, but at the end all I have to say is that the organization and the idea of having both on-site and remote interns is excellent. We had great mentors and full support from everyone in  the company. I got the opportunity to be the part of an amazing team, to meet new people and get a feeling for working in great company. I learned a lot of new things, gained new skills and experienced both working from home and from the office. All of these are very valuable things and a priceless experience.”

Nedim Hafizovic

“This year’s summership helped me to assemble all the knowledge that I have acquired at university. I really appreciate this opportunity; it was a pleasure to work with my teammates and I have learned so much from our mentors. System Verification is definitely place which inspired me to pursue a career in Quality Assurance and I am looking forward to working in this field.”

Sarah Sarac

“What I liked the most about this experience was the people, company culture and work atmosphere in general. I really appreciate having the opportunity to learn so much from the mentors who were always supportive and eager to share their knowledge.”

From the left: Nedim Hafizovic, Sarah Sarac, Arnela Gutlic, Ajna Hodzic and Amar Halilovic.

Refija Oflaz

“From the Summership programme 2020 I can say I gained a good basis for developing a career in the Quality Assurance field. I had an opportunity to go through the whole process working on real-life project. I worked with a great team that consisted of five other young people who are bright, hard-working and mpst of all extremely dedicated to their job. I also need to highlight the mentors’ role during this Summership, who were always available to give us guidelines and feedback on our work as well as to show us the easiest way on how to learn new things, approach a problem and provide efficient solutions.”

Ajna Hodzic

“The amount of knowledge that I have gained from the internship is insane, and I cannot compare it to anything else that I have experienced before. However, I am even more grateful that I have had an opportunity to meet System Verification’s employees who are kind, hard-working, and seriously quality people.”

Three of the participants from this year’s programme will join System Verification as full-time employees.

Summership Training Program Career Quality Assurance Sarajevo

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