A look into 2018

At this time of the year trend spotting is a constant current topic. It is vital to remain up-to-date and to prepare for the future to be able to do the right investments. So, what does 2018 have in store?

From resources to a team

Within the consulting industry we often draw attention to the value of the specialists, as they can be employed for specific tasks and phases of a project. To the customer this means high value at a low risk taking. However, now the previous resource thinking is instead switched to a team thinking. The reason? Many companies have difficulties to adapt their business to the rapid digital development as they simultaneously have to keep their existing operations running.

Some need assistance to see how new technologies, like AI and blockchain, can be applied in their business whilst others see the many possibilities but have neither time nor resources to manage them. The solution is to employ a team of specialists who efficiently can provide suggestions for business opportunities and drive development projects. Several projects can be operated at the same time and then be implemented in the business. As a result, companies achieve synergies between the new solutions considerably faster.

Let AI predict your future

Our second trend spotting is AI, which meet two specific needs of most businesses with large complex IT environments: to be able to predict risks and create high-performance development teams. The size of the environments does not matter, AI can read 800 million pages per second, as well as interpreting and draw conclusions.

Nowadays it is not uncommon for businesses to spend time on parts of the code base that do not constitute the greatest risks. It is also a challenge to get an overview of all individuals that are working within the IT environment and to create efficient teams. AI tools can solve this by compiling information in dashboards with real-time data. You will immediately be able to discover weak points and dependencies, and how to prioritize effectively. Companies that have not yet begun to evaluate how AI can support their development process should definitely do it in 2018.

Resource thinking is switched to team thinking.

Time to think blockchain

To many blockchain equals cryptocurrency bitcoin, but do not limit your mindset to that – it encompasses much more! Blockchain is an open-ended technology where all players are involved in verifying transactions. It may apply to currency, but as well to ID documents, assets, certificates, agreements etc. Around the world companies such as universities and car rentals, have already begun to test this technology. Do not miss out to see how blockchain can be applied to your business. Learn more about the subject and other businesses experiences and seek help from independent experts as soon as possible to discuss your opportunities.

Author: Hamdija Jusufagic, Group CEO and Founder of System Verification.

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