“A great career opportunity”

Last year, System Verification launched their concept Summership, a training program for students who are about to graduate. Emina Alagic and Dalila Spahic are two of the students who completed the program and got their first job with Quality Assurance. Read about their experiences!

Why did you decide to apply for our Summership?

Emina: “I applied for the internship because I saw it as a great opportunity to learn and grow in an expert environment, and to make a first solid step into my career.”

Dalila: “Since I was a final year student I started to look for appropriate internship or job. I was reading adverts when I saw this internship opportunity. I had heard of System Verification so I immediately applied.”

Did the Summership meet your expectations?

Dalila: Before internship started I expected to learn only some basic things about development and testing, but in the end, I was surprised how many things we have learned. The internship taught us the whole process of developing an application including collaboration with client, reporting, testing application, fixing problems in short period and so on.

Emina: “It outreached my expectations. I knew internship is a great opportunity to learn new things and to use all previous knowledge in real environment and project, but I was surprised that it would give me a job opportunity.”

How did the Summership help you in your work?

Dalila: “Lucky for us, the Summership was a direct path to a job position. I think it is the best award you can get after a successfully finished internship.”

Emina: “This internship helped me to get a sense of working on a project in a real work environment. Our mentors were very encouraging and supportive and helped me to make a progress in developing a professional skill set.”

What did you like the most during Summership?

Dalila: “I liked the internship in general because it was great new experience. But if I must choose, I would say the people. All employees are so friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure working with them.”

Emina: “I liked that we were involved in a project from the start to the end and in this way, we were able to experience so many other things along the way. One thing more that I liked is I would say other employees’ approach to us as interns, we enjoyed spending time with all employees during the “fika time” and similar activities.”



What are you expecting from his year’s Summership?

Dalila: “Last year we were interns and this year we will have a chance to be on the opposite side as mentor’s, that is exciting. I hope we will all learn new things and have fun working together.”

Emina: “Firstly, expect a lot of fun and great time, interesting tasks and possibility to learn new things for all of us, both interns and mentors. Looking forward to meeting our new colleagues!”

Would you recommend it for future candidates?

Dalila: Definitely! I think it can be a first big step for a person’s future career. It is a chance to work on real project, in real environment and to learn from professional.”

Emina: “Absolutely! I would recommend it to students as a great opportunity to improve their both technical and soft skills and to prove themselves as desired employees once the internship is over.”

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