New partnership

Digital culture center Space chooses System Verification as strategic QA partner

Opening November 27, Space will be Stockholm's new digital culture center for gaming, music and content creation. For testing and quality assurance of the digital environment, Space chose System Verification as their strategic partner.

Yvonne and Onur Thesis Writing at System Verification
Thesis writing at System Verification

System Verification Germany supports graduating young talents

Right from the start back in 2019, System Verification Germany has aimed to support young talents in their development and career. Collaborating with working students is valuable to the company – it brings new perspectives and high levels of energy. Here are the stories of Onur Akar and Yvonne Weiss, two students that know what it’s like to write a final thesis at System Verification.

Sabina Engdahl Digital Marketing Officer
New recruitment

Sabina Engdahl appointed Group Chief Digital Marketing Officer of System Verification

Sabina Engdahl has been appointed Digital Marketing Officer of System Verification. Sabina has long experience in digital marketing and comes from a position as an advisor at the communication agency Resultify.

Jonas Gyllenspetz COO
European ventures

European ventures: Startups with a great backup

System Verification opened up in Germany in 2018. Last year, we established our first Polish office. Given that the world was fighting a pandemic, some would call such a venture brave. Others may label it foolhardy. So what happened? Group Chief Growth Officer Jonas Gyllenspetz is responsible for our international expansion. He gives us the full rundown of what has turned out to be quite a success story.

Erik Björhäll CEO System Verification

Deliveries without borders

The pandemic has put a halt to both international and domestic travel. But the fact that so many of us have turned our homes into our workplaces has also reduced the importance of geography. It may sound like a contradiction, but as the concept of distance delivery has exploded, the world has in many ways become smaller. In short, that means System Verification’s market is growing.

Mathilda Syrén HR Operations Specialist System Verification Stockholm
New recruitment

Mathilda Syrén is our new HR Operations Specialist

Our Stockholm office is growing. And to help us with our plans for continued growth, Mathilda Syrén has just been appointed new HR Operations Specialist.

Team activities

The Amazing Race #3: Meet the top walkers

As the name indicates, the Amazing Race was indeed a competition. We counted steps and we celebrated a winning team. But more importantly, the event was about building team spirit, getting people together in pandemic times – and in the end, it was about making a contribution. And, of course, exercise was also on the table. Here are the top walkers’ thoughts on the initiative.

Agneta Larsson new executive vice president of System Verification
New Executive Vice President

Agneta Larsson appointed as Executive Vice President of System Verification

The board of directors appoint Agneta Larsson as Executive Vice President of the System Verification group. Agneta has worked for the company since 2012. She is the current Group CFO, a position she will continue to hold, in parallel to her new role as Executive Vice President.

Janne Immonen Hamdija Jusufagic

System Verification new main partner of Fair Play Tennis Club

System Verification’s collaboration with Fair Play TK started last year, as System Verification became a course partner at the new outdoor facility Limhamn Tenniscenter. And now, we take the partnership to the next level.

Amazing Race Johan Pearson Ulf Karlsson
Team activities

The Amazing Race #2: The winners are crowned

The first team has crossed the finishing line. Meet the winners of the Amazing Race, System Verification’s step count competition.

Amazing Race Julia Abelsson
Team activities

The Amazing Race – teamwork for charity

From Athens to Stockholm, it’s quite a walk. So who manages to complete it first? Learn more about System Verification's latest initiative to encourage teambuilding and physical activity as well as support charity.

Mersiha from System Verification Germany
Our people

“There is always time for a new journey”

Mersiha Smajevic joined our Sarajevo team back in 2017. Last year, she got the opportunity to continue her System Verification journey in another country. She transferred to our office in Frankfurt. So how come she decided to take the leap? Here’s Mersiha’s story.

Michaela Wigelius Account Manager Gothenburg
New recruitment

Michaela Wigelius – new Account Manager in Gothenburg

System Verification continues to grow in southwestern Sweden. As we see a lot of demand and potential for our services in the Gothenburg region, Michaela Wigelius has been appointed new Account Manager.

Software Due Diligence Expert Sales Engineer Marcus Lundström
Our people

The expert that provides eye-openers

Software Due Diligence and Health Checks are two services that provide unique insights into code status and quality. While based on automatisation and state-of-the-art technology, these services also need a human touch. Preferably from an expert. That’s where Marcus Lundström comes in.

Adha Hrusto WASP System Verification
The WASP program

WASP offers new insights – and possibilities

System Verification’s Adha Hrusto currently spends most of her time in her office at Lund University. She is working within the Autonomous Systems track of the WASP program. But how did she end up here, and how can System Verification and our clients benefit from her participation in the program?

Company Culture
Company culture

Nurturing company culture during tough times

While countries around the world try to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, companies need to find (new) ways to keep their daily business up and running, while making sure their employees are staying safe and at the same time nourish the company culture. So, what have we done here at System Verification to tackle these challenges?

New office Frankfurt System Verification
New office space

System Verification moves to a new office in Frankfurt

In 2019, we established in Bonn and Frankfurt. Since then, we have grown a lot at our two offices in Germany. The time has now come for the next step in Frankfurt: we’re moving to a new and bigger office.

Career QA Azure Ahmed Babic Sarajevo
Our people

“I decided to go in the Azure direction”

As a captain of his football team, Ahmed Babić knows the importance of being a team player. Today, he’s based in our Sarajevo office where he works as an Azure DevOps engineer. Read his story.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Ajla Sokol Sarajevo
An insight to Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Services: Unlocking the potential

Changes do not come overnight. They require patience, alignment, and long-term dedication. The fruit that comes as a reward at the end is, however, quite sweet. In this case, the fruit is faster delivery, collaboration, and full transparency. Read Ajla Sokol's insightful article about working with Azure DevOps.

Summership programme QA Sarajevo
Summership 2020

Another successful year for the Summership programme in Sarajevo

Last week was the final week of the third Summership training programme in Sarajevo. It has been an amazing two months full of learning, overcoming challenges and spending quality time with colleagues. Read what the Summership interns had to say about their experience.

Test Automation Docker Emir Hodzic
An insight to Docker

Test Automation with little of Docker

“Have you ever used Docker?” was one of the first questions Emir Hodzic was asked by his mentor. At that point he'd only heard about it and he was not even at ease with the question. As a test automation engineer, you don’t get to experiment with a lot of different DevOps tools. Read Emir's insightful article on Test Automation with Docker.

Testura Mutation Testing
Mutation testing

How can mutation testing benefit from Machine Learning?

Testura is our open source tool for mutation testing. When we asked ourselves if Machine Learning could help improve the tool, we decided to let two students from Luleå University come up with the answers through a degree project.

QA Greenhouse programme Applications Testing Vattenfall

Greenhouse – Learning by doing

A group of fresh engineers have been introduced to the field of QA through our Greenhouse program. Today, they’re doing application testing at energy provider Vattenfall.

Anniversary Frankfurt Bonn Germany Celina Strietzel Erwin Probst

Happy 1st anniversary Germany!

In the beginning of 2019, we entered the German market with the aim to grow fast. This has succeeded very well. Today the Frankfurt and Bonn offices have great teams that serve customers in the logistics, automotive, telecommunications and financial sectors.

Learning Conference Las Vegas Re:Invent Amazon Web Services
Competence development

Learning in Las Vegas

Re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services that attracts more than 40,000 people from the global cloud computing community to Las Vegas every year. System Verification is here to be challenged and meet peers from all over the world.

Quality Assurance Skånetrafiken
100% focus on QA

Quality Assurance in the driver’s seat

In 2016, Skånetrafiken started their journey to deliver world class public transport through smart digital services. System Verification was contracted and has literally built quality into every aspect of software development – from tools to mindset. An effort that pays off.

Test Automation Houda Doussi QA
Future Test Automation Engineers

Rising stars within test automation

At her first job, Houda Doussi never got the opportunity to try her wings within test automation. At System Verification, we support employees who want to become technical specialists. Houda Doussi is now part of our training concept Test Star.

Royal visit Sarajevo office Hamdija Jusufagic Crown Princess Victoria Prince Daniel QA System Verification
The Swedish Crown Princess Couple

Royal visit at our Sarajevo office

On the 6th of November, the Swedish Crown Princess Couple visited our Sarajevo office. The delegation had the opportunity to learn about Hamdija Jusufagic’s entrepreneurship and the Robokids project in Banja Luka.

New office Sarajevo Bosnia System Verification QA
Modern office space

New stylish workplace in Sarajevo

In 2013 System Verification established their office in Sarajevo. Six years later, the team had grown from four to more than forty members and it was time to move. The result was not only bigger premises, but a completely renewed and designed office space. The new premises were celebrated together with prominent guests at great party.

Onboarding process Sarajevo Company Culture QA
Distributed teams

How to create a smooth onboarding process

Working with distributed teams is a much smoother activity than you might think - if you take care of the preparations. This is how we do it, and how our Swedish customers benefit from the development and quality assurance competence in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Training program Summership Students Sarajevo Engineers
Interview with Summership students

Students with attitude

Our internal training program “Summership” for engineering students in Bosnia is in full swing and the students show excellent progress. What do they think about the program? We had some small talks with the students.

Training program Summership Students Sarajevo
Summership 2019

Hard work pays off

Our training program Summership is in full swing, how is it going? What has the students learnt and what is the next step? Read the promising update from Medina Ovčina.

Monica Boman Hammarlund
Interview with Team Manager

”I learn new things every day”

Monica Boman Hammarlund is one of our excellent Team Managers. A year ago, she started her journey with us. What career opportunities has she been given and what does she appreciate with System Verification?

Henik Sällman Hamdija Jusufagic Christian Qvist Reeinvent System Verification CodeScene by Empear
A look into the future

Highlights from re:MARS

To keep updated on the latest technology and society trends, we have visited many recognized conferences in recent years. In May, we wanted something that really challenged our thinking. We chose the newly established Amazon re:MARS, a giant that knows how to rule things!

Summership Training Program Career Quality Assurance Sarajevo
Training program within Quality Assurance

“A great career opportunity”

Last year, System Verification launched their concept Summership, a training program for students who are about to graduate. Emina Alagic and Dalila Spahic are two of the students who fulfilled the program and got their first job with Quality Assurance. Read about their experiences!

AWS re:Invent 2018 Las Vegas

The Tech team – developing our technical edge

System Verification has never stand still and is continuously searching for new ways to develop. Our Tech team is one such way. Gathering a team of technical experts, their skills will be sharpened, and new ideas will emerge which lead to state-of-the-art solutions for our customers. Let’s present our Tech team.

CodeScene by Empear
Quality Monitoring

What is the difference between a static code analysis and CodeScene?

Our service Software Intelligence uses the AI tool CodeScene. How does it differ from a static code analysis tool? And do you really have to choose between them? We asked Adam Tornhill, Founder of Empear to clarify the situation.

Erwin Probst Celina Strietzel Bonn Frankfurt Germany
Interview with master student

An international family with a big heart

In 2018, System Verification established their second offices abroad, in Bonn and Frankfurt. The first team members have a unique opportunity to be part of something new and promising. Celina Strietzel gives us her story of her first time at System Verification in Germany.

3 tips to make AI your best friend
What's trending

3 tips to make AI your best friend

According to Gartner, at least 40% of new development projects will have an AI co-developer by 2022. Like it or not. The best you can do is to start exploring the AI technology and make it a natural part of your software projects. Take advantage of our 3 best tips to start with.

Sarajevo Hosting European Youth Olympic Winter Festival

Kids, sports and fireworks!

This year Sarajevo is hosting European Youth Olympic Winter Festival where youth from 46 countries are competing in winter disciplines. System Verification and Ruku na Srce surprised 16 children and brought them to view the grand opening ceremony. How wonderful to see the joy in the children's eyes!

Erwin Probst CEO System Verification Germany
New offices

A good start in Germany

Our two new offices in Bonn and Frankfurt are up and running, and Erwin Probst, Managing Director, does not have any problem to fill his agenda. What makes him believe in System Verification, and what is top priority? We had a small talk with him over a cup of coffee.

Conference AWS re:Invent 2018 Las Vegas Mathias Persson Delivery Manager
AWS re:Invent

New inspiration in Las Vegas

Our 20 colleagues are back from Las Vegas after an eventful and inspiring week attending AWS re:Invent. "It was hands down the best conference I have ever been to," says Mathias Persson, Delivery Manager.

Test Automation Engineers Sarajevo Education Test Star
Career development

The next generation of Test Automation Engineers

Test Automation is on everyone’s lips at the moment. It is not only demanded by companies, it is also something many testers wish to specialize in. But it requires a lot of practice to become proficient. Therefore, we have created the education concept Test Stars, which enables our employees to gradually immerse in the subject.

Internship System Verification Sarajevo

From intern to employee

An eventful and exciting summer has come to an end for the four interns who attended our internship in July earlier this year. What have they been up to, what have they enjoyed the most and what happens next? Let’s have a chat with Dalila and Emina!  

Rana Alsafi Senior Test Engineer at System Verification
System Gathering

Learning from the best

We firmly believe that knowledge sharing is outstanding to keep empowered, learn from mistakes and get inspired to new ideas. That is why we have created the concept System Gathering, where our employees can meet and learn from the best.

System Verification Sarajevo celebrates 5 years
Sarajevo office 5 years

Living the spirit in Sarajevo

This year our Sarajevo office celebrates 5 years. The team started off with only four members, who made such a great impact on Swedish customers that we soon had to speed up the recruitment. Today more than 30 people live the spirit of System Verification!

System Verification in Zell am See
Team building & Conferences

Fun with friends from all over the world

Once a year, we arrange a big conference for the whole company. Why? Because it bonds us together, gives us opportunities dig deeper into Quality Assurance and of course, it is awesome fun!

Testability is The Key
Review of Forrester report

Why testability is the key

Faster releases at lower costs and with more satisfied end users. That is what every company wants. And some companies succeed. What is their secret? A new report from Forrester shows that they have implemented Agile+DevOps and prioritizing testing, having a high risk thinking and focusing on end-to-end test automation. So, what does this mean in practical terms? Read Patrik Schalin, DevOps Specialist at System Verification, view on the report.

Marie Nilsson Test Manager Consultant System Verification
Working as a consultant

“I love the variety of challenges”

During her ten years in the company, Marie Nilsson has certainly kept herself busy. She has accomplished ten assignments at ten different companies and in six different industries. And according to Marie, the great variety is one of the best things about being a consultant.

System Verification Internship
Internship Sarajevo

Kick-start to a professional life

An internship is not only fun and rewarding, it also gives the students a head start when it’s time for them to look for jobs and begin their careers. In July, System Verification launched a new internship in Sarajevo. An opportunity that can lead to future employments. Meet our interns Dalila, Emina, Medzida and Armin!

Summer cook-a-long in Gothenburg System Verification
Summer party

Summer cook-a-long in Gothenburg

On Thursday June 7th our Gothenburg team gathered at restaurant Thörnströms Privata Rum in central Gothenburg, to enjoy a cooking session together. It was a great evening to hang out and, of course, eat a lot of delicious food.

How to win the War for Talents Henrik Sällman
Driving digital transformation

How to win the War for Talents

In 2016 Ework launched its vision to transform from a Consultant Supplier to a Talent Business. The company entered the “war for talent” and effective digital processes were pointed out as critical. System Verification has the overall responsibility to build the new digital platform, and has formed an outstanding team with several partners to make it happen.

Study visit at System Verification
Study visit

Primary school students visited the HQ

When a group of Bosnian language students from Malmö came across an article about when Hamdija Jusufagic, System Verification's founder and CEO, and of Bosnian descent, was awarded the 2017 Pioneer Prize in Sweden, their interest to know more about Hamdija and his company awoke. So on May the 9th the students were welcomed to our headquarters in Malmö for a study visit.

Sarajevo Group Activity System Verification
Quality time

Spring feelings in Sarajevo

Social activities and experiencing fun things together are important parts of our company culture. We like to meet and have fun! On April 15th our steadily growing Sarajevo team gathered to spend some quality time together. Team building activities and barbecue on the spring-like Javorov Do, Bjelašnica was on the schedule.

Software Intelligence
Strategic partnership

What do we mean by Strategic Partnership?

The term strategic partner is being used liberally, but the definition may vary. What do we mean by being a strategic partner and what can you as a customer expect from us? What is required for the partnership to work? We asked Erik Björhäll, CEO System Verification Sweden, to answer these questions.

ISTQB Foundation

ISTQB course gathered students with a thirst for knowledge

During three days, System Verification held a free ISTQB Foundation course for engineer students in Sarajevo. "The lectures have been great and interesting. Furthermore, we have had many laughs and I have been able to practice my English. I found the review and static analysis techniques especially appealing", says one of the students Lejla Mekic.


A look into 2018

At this time of the year trend spotting is a constant current topic. It is vital to remain up-to-date and to prepare for the future to be able to do the right investments. So, what does 2018 have in store?

Career within Quality Assurance
Employer Satisfaction Survey

The best things about working at System Verification

Every year we conduct a survey among our employees to understand what they think about working here. What areas stand out? We went into the survey and found that 3 areas are particularly appreciated: Company culture, Image and Leadership. All of them score over 90%.

Arkad 2017
Job Fair

Greetings from ARKAD 2017

On the 15th and 16th of November, the job fair ARKAD took place in Lund. System Verification was one of the 150 participating exhibitors. We had a great time meeting so many students!

Knowledge transfer

Courses do not train geniuses; this is how it is done!

Every day, both at work and in our daily life, we meet these people, the skilled and experienced. Also known as the professionals. Often you would have liked to be just as good, but if you ask such a person how they do or think, the answers are often quite cryptic or short. What is the secret receipt to become a professional?

Digital transformation
Digital strategy

Time to get a new haircut?

Timing is the key to success in most cases. You should not be too early, and even worse, too late. This is a tricky challenge but if you manage to get things right in time, then you will be successful. This is also very true regarding your digital transformation journey.

System Verification Sarajevo celebrates 5 years

How to make offshoring work – for you and for real

All too many companies have been dismayed by poor returns on their offshoring investments and have abandoned their efforts to find a beneficial offshoring solution. More the pity – because by asking the right questions from the start and gathering crucial knowledge, offshoring can be very profitable indeed.

Requirements Management

Are requirements the elephant in the room?

Are requirements the elephant in the room? Here are the steps to get started. Karolina Mileros, Requirements Management Specialist at System Verification, gives you her best advices to get started.

EU regulation

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation designed to strengthen the rights of EU citizens. GDPR will replace the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL) and will enter into force on 25 May 2018.

Magnus C. Ohlsson
Gain insight

Why carry out an ISQ Analysis?

Are you interested in getting an analysis of your quality process, but want to know more about the benefits and our working process? Dr. Magnus C. Ohlsson, Test Strategist at System Verification, gives you the answers.

Jens Johansson
Interview with a Test Automation Engineer

“Being responsible for quality motivates me”

Jens Johansson planned to be a developer, but summer jobs and extra work as a tester at IKEA opened his eyes to software quality assurance. Today he works with test automation – a role that requires competence in both development and test.

Interview with a Test Leader

“A challenge to coordinate different goals”

Alexandra Elmer’s fascination for the logic of mathematics led her to study computer engineering. She also has a talent for leadership. Today Alexandra works as a Test Manager, a career combining expertise in software quality assurance with good communication skills.

Hamdija Jusufagic Founder and Group CEO System Verification.
Our vision

“We consider the bigger picture”

What is the significance of System Verification’s vision and what is System Verification’s role in digital life? Hamdija Jusufagic, founder and CEO of System Verification, tell us about this new approach and what he sees as System Verification’s role in the future.

Frequently Used Terms

Quality Assurance Glossary

Are you unsure of the glossary used in Quality Assurance and Software Testing? Find the terms in our Quality Assurance Glossary.

Project Management

Once upon a time…

In the early 90s I wrote my first real computer program in Pascal and got hooked on this. According to me the quality of the program was fairly good. It did what it was suppose to do and without major crashes. Later that year I found a new masters program focused on software engineering and I decided to apply. I thought this must be my future now when I was a “skilled” developer. That was how my software engineering journey started.


Charity project in Bosnia

In 2014, System Verification donated 15 brand new DELL computers and a projector to a school in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The charity project has been planned for a long time and was a much appreciated donation. The children will now have even better educational conditions to face the future.

The Power of Innovation

The way forward is clear

When I started System Verification in 2002, my goal was to build a company dedicated to software quality assurance. I also aspired to attract the best talent in the field. I wanted to create a company offering long-term careers with abundant opportunities for competence development.

Children in Nepal

Charity project in Nepal

In 2011 System Verification carried out a charity project in Lalitpur in Nepal. A primary school received 10 new computers and got their computer room partly equipped. As one of the world’s poorest countries, the educational conditions for children are limited. The new computers will contribute to the children’s education.