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The Jönköping office started after the summer of 2021. Jönköping is a town with a strong tradition of product and IT development.  

We are growing team of 10, consisting of test managers, requirement analysts and testers with automation skills. 

We are working with local and remote clients, primarily in Sweden. 

As a new office we try to focus on developing a great local office culture. We do a lot of things together even though we might have assignments with different clients. We are a young team but with a common interest in technology and doing fun things together.

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“As a niche company, we can focus on being the best in our key areas, instead of being good at everything.”

– Magnus Hjelmgren, Regional Manager at System Verification in Jönköping

System Verification Jönköping

The tale of our first year in Jönköping

One morning in early August 2021, in the midst of the Corona pandemic, two noble, hopeful and somewhat nervous QA knights met in a parking lot outside a furniture store in Jönköping. They arrived in their graceful gray steeds (also known as “cars”). One of the steeds was a rental vehicle, with a dubious smell from the carpets. The other steed simply reeked of horses. But that did not stop the two knights from embarking upon their new adventure.

Quick facts

  • Start-up environment and continuously growing
  • Living a culture based on trust, diversity, and transparency
  • Flexible and hybrid working style
  • Regular events such as “Team lunch”, “Student evenings” or regional after works
  • Located in the tech hotspot Gro36, right between Jönköping and Huskvarna


Open positions

Meet our team


I have spent most of my career working with test and QA. With System Verification I have a platform to help both new and old contacts to get on the right track with QA.


QA is something I am passionate about and I appreciate the opportunity to work in different areas such as test management, testing and requirements. In my work I face various challenges and I always strive to find the best solution to the problem, I see it as a big puzzle to solve!


Huskvarnavägen 82
554 66 Jönköping

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